About Me


I am Nidhi.


I live in New York City with my husband.

Destiny decided for me, to spend 4 years of my life, with wires and electric circuits, in a laboratory, to graduate as an electronic engineer and then to land up in an IT job. But soon I started to love to wake up to an amazing yoga practice. sooner I started doing crossfit, pilates, spinning and body pumps.

And recently, I started running endurance races. And somewhere in between I completed fitness certification courses with Reebok and Pilates Institute of America. And now my passion has become my full time work :) . All of this happened when I was in India.

As for good, a while ago, wheels of fate, moved me to New York City.  It is the city that gave fuel to fire.  As my passion for fitness found better avenues here. Everyday I get to learn something new from very accomplished people. Iyengar yoga teachers, Ashtanga yoga teachers, Chefs, Aerial fitness teachers etc.

Moreover, together in this city, I and my partner, realized our love for outdoors. We spend most of our weekends traveling on roads, carrying our own food tuck from home every time :) . We go trekking or camping or biking or sailing or … long list :)

This brings me to our another love food. Both of us love cooking. He wants to eat tasty and I want to eat healthy Huhh! So we cook most of the time at home.

Please visit our food blog to checkout our healthy+tasty food adventures :)



About Us

Luckily on my journey, I get to meet people, who share the same passion as mine and thus love to make contributions to the blog. My fitness sisters Ramya, Sahiba, Priya and Ankita have made amazing contributions to the blog.

Fitness is our religion. We love, live, breathe fitness!

A huge welcome to the health, fitness, travel, outdoors and food talks on mindandtummy.com :)

You may like to get in touch with me on nidhi@mindandtummy.com or if you have any fitness related queries than you may submit them HERE

Just like that…




23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. jilu jose

    Nidhi dear love to see your new venture.love all your efforts and dedication to fitness.missed your posts in miss fit.now I’m super happy. …

  2. shilpa

    Nidhi ,
    I was wondering y there was no article on missfit. I was thinking u guys have gone for long vaccation for Diwali hehehehhe i was so wrong .Thanks for writing so that we can catch your valuble info :) :) :) . HIFI for this :) :)

  3. Ranju

    Nidhi, finally i traced you…. hahaha i mean i was searching for u as soon as missfit goes off air…..
    missing ur notes dear….
    finally good start n good things r on the way……

  4. Shaima shamim

    Hi Nidhi…..Congratulations dear……lots of LUV and all the best for ur new blog….. Please tell me how to register..

  5. Chandan kaur

    Hi Nidhi, I’m reallllllllyyyyy soooooo happppy for u :) I was really missing u n ur articles….n Ankita n Ramya I’m glad u guys were wid Nidhi throughout ….god bless ur friendship n Nidhi alllll the best for this new journey….I’m sure no one can stop u from being on top…:) May alll the luck be wid u forever n ever…:)

  6. Subha

    Hi Nidhi….Was missing you and your articles in Missfit so badly… Thank God i found this blog … Congrats to U … Happy to read your articles once again.. yuppiee…

  7. Rachana

    Hi Nidhi…. I was searching you badly…. was waiting for ur articles so much…. finally found you….. I went through most posts in a go, very nicely written…..

  8. Saheli

    Hii Nidhi!! Though we haven’t interacted before, I have been an avid follower of your blog, and was really missing those super-informative articles. But OMG what a suprise!!…feeling blessed :D
    Congrats to you and the other sweet ladies here. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us the way you do :)

  9. Manali Shah

    Wow. I do not know what to say… Can not explain but tears in my eyes on reading all the comments… Once again wishing you all the success to all of you and you have all my support in what ever way you want. Pictures themselves are so motivating.

  10. lakshmi chaturvedula

    Look at you !!!! Abhi chakkar aakar gurney wali thi. You look fab . Can I get to know your fitness routine and your diet routine.


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