Agave Nectar Vs. Sugar

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Agave Nectar Vs. Sugar

How do you do? I ┬árecently started using agave in my coffee instead of white sugar. My prime reason for using agave was that Abhishek got 2 big bottles of it from farmer’s market. These bottles were lying as it is happily on the shelf for weeks. One day my sugar box got over. So I used agave. And since then I have started liking its taste and I use it in my coffee and desserts. Ahem.. This story ends here :D .

And a new story begins here :P .. The cynic in me could not be convinced by the promising words on the label ‘organic’ and ‘low glycemic index’ ’100 percent pure’ and ‘natural sweetener’. So the cynic sat and did all the research to find out Agave Nectar Vs. Sugar?

Before I begin, I would say that one spoon of white sugar cannot do any harm to our bodies. Come on we can handle that much sugar. Yeaa.. Unless we are taking in sugar that comes hidden in various other forms in packaged and junk food and sugary drinks.

Now about Agave. The proponents of agave say that it is a good natural sugar. As it is derived as a syrup from the sap of agave tree. So unlike our white sugar, which is obtained by refining the natural cane juice. This agave nectar is more close to its natural form. Hence it has a low glycemic Index.

But the question is who knows whether the agave nectar is really so pure? and organic? The packet available to us in the market might be processed too *eyebrows raised*

Anyways, let us understand what is Glycemic Index. And how does Low GI food help with fat loss.

Carb has two parts to it GI(glycemic Index) and GL(glycemic load).

GI is the measure of the ability of carbohydrates to raise the blood glucose level.

high GI-> fast carbs->glucose level rises quickly->fat conversion rate high.

low GI-> slow carbs->glucose level rises slowly->fat conversion rate slow.

Our common sense tells slow carbs are better!

GL is the mutiplication of GI and portion size. i.e small portion size of high carbs and large portion size of slow carbs has same GL.

And this is how carbohydrates along with insulin alter our blood sugar levels and hence effect our metabolic rate. For good metabolism it is very important to maintain a stable blood sugar levels.

The other thing about agave is that it derives its sweetness from high fructose content. Which I am not much concerned of as high fructose is there in fruits too. But what I want to tell is that agave definitely is calorie wise more dense as compared to sugar. Again but since it is sweeter than sugar so a little amount of agave can equal a lot of sugar.

Overall all agave is a good replacement to white sugar and more specifically to artificial sweeteners. But it is good only when it is procured from a good source.

Time to write a recipe on the food blog :)

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