Airtel Delhi Half Marathon — Learnings

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon — Learnings

 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon -- Learnings

This year’s half marathon was really special to me because of so many reasons. One of them is that in the last one year, I got a chance to connect with so many other runners and fitness enthusiasts . Because of this new company, this time I found myself a tad more aware of things related to marathon running. Also all of my runner friends are sharing their timings and mistakes etc on fb so I am getting to know where I stand. Right now I stand very far behind and I need to put in some real efforts to push up several notches.

The best part about this year was the feel, the excitement in me. Last year I was struggling to mark 21kms. This year I was feeling just so happy to be running on the road. The early morning fog that was hitting the body felt so endearing. The south part of the capital city was put at halt and so many school kids, NGOs, locals gathered to cheer up the runners. So many volunteers stood ready with water bottles, energy drinks, oranges, muscle sprays etc.

The best of all the huge number of participation made the spirit of the event so awesome. The feel was superb. You know it is an amazing feeling to be a part of such an event. Timing and all those things become tiny in front of such an amazing spirit. None of us know each other personally yet we all support each other all through the 21kms. Isn’t that wonderful? :) No caste, no creed, no age.. complete equality. The city meets as runners, as people who love fitness.

Please participate in such events. They bring so much positivity out of any person. May be you think that I cannot run this long distance then okay you have other categories also or you have the option to stop and leave any time..but please participate. Participate to feel the positivity and the spirit of the event. The spirit is so huge that it will make you run. You will come out saying, ” Gossh I thought I could not do it but I could do it”  :))

There is one personal thing I want to share. You know I always believe that it is awesome to keep doing something. I am talking with respect to life at the moment. It is when we do, we get a chance to make mistakes, we get a chance to know ourselves as well as others better, we get a chance to correct, we get a chance to grow up as an individual.

Sharing 3 lines. very very close to my heart.

Even if you are not very good at it. Do it.
Even if you do it in small steps. Do it.
Even if you get beaten or criticized. Do it.

I believe that none of us are born accomplished. It is the process called life that brings some accomplishments to us. For that we will have to learn to live, have to learn to take a plunge into this process called life.

For me, every race brings me closer to myself. I get to know my body more better. And honestly, this knowing is far different from what I get to know from books.

I get to know my joints better. I get to know my feet better. I get to know my breathing pattern better. I get to know my food requirements better. And that will help me to train myself better or to help others train better or to write better information here.

Like this time, my realizations are that I will work on strengthening my joints. Milk and weight training tops the list. I will run with a more clear mind. I will try to increase my strides.

Workout will not be a fat loss thing for me anymore. It will be a sport. I will enjoy it, will compete with myself. And in the process of playing my sport I will reduce atleast 3-4kgs of fat to bring swiftness in my body.

I wish to shout out and say this to everyone in this world that please do not spend your life sitting on a couch. Please go out, chose your sport and play it..Yoga sport, weight training sport.. whichever it be. Just hit it :) )

I am going to vaishno devi tomorrow. Will run uphill :D . Super duper excited to meet my love, my goddess mother and to run barefoot uphill.  Will catch up next week. Miss you ..

Loads of love and good wishes


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13 thoughts on “Airtel Delhi Half Marathon — Learnings

  1. Ramya

    Amazing post Nidhi!! I just could feel ur energy coming through… I’m not a runner at all but I think I’ll go for the 10k marathon this time, u inspired me so much after ur first ultramarathon and now this! :) I love how u wrote straight from the heart! And yes, after a certain point it isnt abt weight loss or aesthetics na! Muaaaahhhh :-*

    1. Nidhi

      Ramyaa it’s a super feel.. And you know one of my girl friend finished it in 2 hours and other did it in 1hour 45 mins.. I called them early morning ..I was like tell me the secret..take me to run along with you from now on… Mwaaahhh

  2. Sahiba

    woww article Nidhi… loved how you wrote it from your heart.. those 3 lines are so motivating… in fact the whole write up is so motivating :)
    ok.. next year.. pakka.. I am joining you in the delhi marathon.. :)
    Vaishno devi… wooww.. Jai mata di..

  3. Ankita

    u shared ur experiences beautifully :) I was so happy to meet u n next year even i want to participate in the half marathon just to get the feel inside me…its hard for me as I m not much of a runner but I will try for sure :) there is something about vaishno devi, u get so much positivity there…i went there when i was 12… :) actually, surrounding urself with positive people makes like so much better :)

    1. Nidhi

      Ankita it was so nice to meet you too.. You are such a cute and simple girl.. God bless you always :) ) .. Vaishno Devi in this weather is superb.. I went last to last year at the same time.. Awesomely cold it is .. You start by running small distances.. We all run together next years :)

      1. Ankita

        yeah…that would be so awesome….we running together… :-D :-D The thought made me so happy :) I m going to take up running seriously now… :) Also suggest some running shoes Nidhi, which wont be too expensive :P

        1. Nidhi

          Ab i dont know what price range is expensive for you :P .. check out Nike, reebok, Adidas.. check as per the arch of your foot. The shoes should have good cushioning and as per the arch of your foot :)

          1. Ankita

            Okie…I will try my tried n tested formula of jumping in the shoes…will also try running a bit :P so what if people think I m mad…I must :P

  4. Rama

    Nidhi..uhhhhmazing!! u have inspired me to take part in the running..may b i can do the 10kms..i will start practicing :)
    and hw r u doing..i stayed away for very mom was seriously sick and i took a month long i’m back and jus cant wait to get bck to my routine :)

  5. Rama

    Nidhi its my mom..not my mom in law.. :)
    and i m back after my wrkout…ran for 10 mins and some core exercise i did :) feels goooood


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