Break Free Workout DVD by Bipasha Basu

Break Free Workout DVD by Bipasha Basu

Break Free Workout DVD by Bipasha Basu

Happy New Year to Everyone :) How is the first day of the year coming along? I am a little under the weather from last 2 days so could not workout from last two days. Today morning, I was feeling so motivated to workout but was not at feeling motivated to go to the gym or to do the same type of workout that I usually do. So, I thought of checking out the workout video that was gifted by Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Team. It is a new fitness DVD by Bipasha Basu. Its Bipasha’s second workout DVD after fit&fabulous you.

I did half of the workout routine in the morning then I sat down to watch the full video. Loved it, thought should ask more people to join me so invited my friends and cousins over my place, for the new year celebration. We will together do the full workout routine at 6 PM today :)

I took these pics, while I was watching the video at my home.

Break Free Workout DVD by Bipasha Basu

Break Free Workout DVD by Bipasha Basu

Break Free Workout DVD by Bipasha Basu

Break Free Workout DVD by Bipasha Basu

It starts with a message from Bipasha Basu to love yourself. The workout routine has dance (Western, bollywood combined) and aerobics moves. Bipasha is looking smoking hot in it. Lean, muscular and strong. It is commendable, that she as a model advocates strong not skinny. Respect!

What I liked about the Workout Routine

1. It starts with a warm up routine with basic warm up moves.  The whole body from head to toe is first warmed up. Bipasha keeps verbally cueing the right way to do the moves.

2. She starts by teaching new step. First she teaches the foot work, to which she gradually adds intensity by adding hand movements, variations, plyometrics, pumps etc. And gradually all of these are built to form a proper choreography.

3. There are some awesome moves, which I found really innovative to include in an aerobics- dance type of workout. They are core exercises like abs isolation, hip locks, pelvic thrust, shimmys, kite flies etc (Innovative and challenging. Challenging as they are to be coordinated with the foot work)

4. She uses dynamic stretches to stretch the muscles post warm up. This idea is again very innovative. I like the dymanic oblique stretches in between the dance (Again innovative!)

5. The music is amazing. It is a fusion of western and classical music. It is very well timed and spaced. As in the beats are very clear. And they vary from smaller number of beats to higher number of beats per minutes. This variation in bpm varies as per the steps and their intensity. Through put this routine, the music also plays a huge role to keep you in the groove.

6. There are’nt many steps but there are many repetitions of same steps. So you know, no one feels lost. Ahaa.. This reminds me one very intelligent feature of the workout routine. They have a box in the left bottom corner. This box shows the name of the next step as an upcoming step. So you get the idea of what comes next and you keep moving at the time of transition from step to another. You can check out those boxes in the pics that I have shared above.

As an aerobics trainer, I can tell that a good aerobics trainer is one, who is able to make his class go through a transition from one step to another without confusing the class. So for that an aerobics trainer always starts giving cues verbally or through hands when they are about to move to a new step. It is a tough job. And this box idea is very nice to take care of the transition thing.

7. There is a water break of 1 mins after about 20-30 min. In which we are advised to hydrate ourselves with small dregs of water. And do some passive stretching also in that time.

8. The part after that water break is stupendous. It is intense, demanding and full of energy. But there is nothing confusing, all the steps taught in the first part are used in it. There are some famous bipasha’s  bollywood steps also. This part is like full of fun type of dancing workout which is rhythmic too.

9. There is a cool down, which has full body stretches.

10. The video is a visual delight also. Bipasha and other 6 dancers in the routine have maintained a superb energy through out. Bipasha is through out smiling and trying to pep up the viewers.

11. Bipasha is looking jaw dropping hot. Honestly, all those who love lean, muscular bodies will agree with me. I felt so motivated.

12. I guess people of all age groups will be able to do move to this workout. Infact I found it more of  do in a  group workout. Which is fun as well as intense.

13: The workout routine is available in Hindi as well as English.

What I did not like about the DVD

1. Some more workout routines should have been added. May be for that she is soon launching her new DVD called Unleash. Have you seen the trailer of unleash? When I watched it, I was like .. Woww. This is going to be some challenge :)

In the end, I would say that you must get a DVD of such workouts which are fun yet intense. They are a good change from our usual workouts. Kudos to Bipasha for starting this new workout video DVD trend in our country. Way to go!

Happy new year once again :)


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10 thoughts on “Break Free Workout DVD by Bipasha Basu

  1. Ramya

    U have reviewed this so well Nidhi.. I remembered that I used to enjoy workout videos quite a bit.. But I ended up injuring myself once n then I stopped them, but that was long before I went to the gym so I knew nothing abt postures n all.
    This video looks n seems great. She looks so stunning!!! :) I liked her first video also. U r right, she started this trend in India. :)
    What do u think abt the Jillian Micheals 30 day shred? I have heard ppl raving abt it. I have seen it once but never actually tried it.

    1. Nidhi

      You are right ramya… injury could be the result of using videos for workout..i have also hearf a lot of jillian micheales..saw it once but again it is good when we already know the right technique of doing any exercise . … once in a while for a break from gym workouts or may be while travelling these videos are good.. this bip’s video is more like letting dance and break free with full energy and all…

  2. Ankita

    none of my laptop has a cd player :( nice review Nidhi…looks interesting :) how long is the workout? I m looking up a lot of exercise videos these days as I have to plan my workouts myself :) Bipasha and Shilpa started this dvd thing in india…which is so amazing.. :) i hope more n more fitness videos come up in india :)

    1. Nidhi

      Ankita i guess it should be available on youtube now … did not notice the exact time but guess is around 40-45 mins

  3. Kawal

    no its not on youtube nvr saw indian dvd on youtube btw i have it but somehow nvr used it but after reading Nidhi’s review i ll try it

  4. lavee

    i tried it today,workout length is abt 30 min max,including warm up n cool down, rest all is talk talk.
    its an ok one,but dance is a stress buster ,so brownie points.

  5. priyanka

    My trainer says that a stretching excercises if done regularly would help me in increasing my height to 1-2 inches , I am 23 ….do you think these excercises are gonna help or is this trainer just messing with me to join his gym??


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