Busyness and Fitness

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Busyness and Fitness

In this post I will consider that sometimes we can genuinely get busy. So busy that we do not get time to go to gym or cook food for ourselves. I will consider that it is possible that our  work place or home might not be that close to gym, making it an effort for us, to hit gym daily. I will accept that for some of us, work might be hectic and sedentary. And when we reach home, we might have to run home errands too. So that by the end of day, if we do have some time in hand to think of running or yoga or gym then we might already feel sucked up in energy and hence  sucked up in willingness to do anything else but rest.

See this time I am not going to come down on people who could not find time to take care of their fitness because they are busy with other things :P

Well than if life is going to stay this busy always then can we still dream of being energetic and fit?

Busy is in the mind. The solution is in silence.

Early morning today, the birds were chirping away, the sun was setting in. I, sitting on my roof top, inhaled and exhaled, thought of nothing, just heard silence. It was supposed to be a busy day with so many things to do. But silence mellowed the rush in my mind. As if, now I controlled my time and my mind. Silence is strong! :)

Our choice is either to have a busy mind, which does so many things but brings a lot of stress on the body or to have a peaceful mind, which too does a lot of things but without stress. Some moments of silence practice or meditation is what we need daily. It can particularly help us a lot in the days of busyness.

A peaceful mind, although busy, have more control on what we eat (There is no random stress eating). It has more control on how mindfully we eat (There is no eating without even knowing). A peaceful mind, inspite of all the work load, keeps anger in check. So there are no unnecessary emotional upsurges. So basically, a peaceful mind, saves us a lot of energy. It makes thing so effortless and saves so much energy. Moreover, it lets us find time for atleast a 3 days of physical activity. Also, atleast whatever we will do on these 3 days, we will do it mindfully, with whole heart, which is better than grilling on the treadmill, with so much stress in our mind and body on all 7 days of the week. It will help us to wind up things more efficiently, time and effort wise. So that our mind and stomach would ask for water and food break every 2 hours.

Silence practice or meditation practice connects us with our inner self. It slows the rush and deepens the clarity in the mind. It builds a lot of positive mental energy. This positive mental energy emanates as our AURA. See the practice of silence or meditation for a few minutes daily, can make us feel so fit.

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Today’s reality

Big House
Small Family

More Degrees
Less Common Sense

Advanced Medicine
Poor Health

Touched Moon
Neighbours Unknown

High Income
Less peace of Mind

High IQ
Less Emotions

Good Knowledge
Less Wisdom

Number of affairs
No true love

Lot of friends on Facebook
No best friends

More alcohol
Less water

Lots of Human
Less Humanity

Costly Watches
But No time

Apna Khayal Karo,
Hamesha Smile karo :) )

I went to sunday church mass this weekend, with our neighbors. It is so awesome to open up to other cultures. Priya, one of the writers, was there in US for a month.  I got to meet her. She did a TRX course from TRX headquarters here. She is a mother of an 18 year old boy yet she is always so motivated to follow her passion for fitness. So inspiring :) . We both went to Body World’s museum. It was such a high to see the anatomy so clearly.  Sharing some pics :)

Busyness and Fitness

Busyness and Fitness

Busyness and Fitness

Busyness and Fitness

Busyness and Fitness

Busyness and Fitness

Busyness and Fitness

Loads of love

2 thoughts on “Busyness and Fitness

  1. Anoop

    Amazing Pics…Amazing article…
    It always feels refreshing to read your articles dear..
    Keep it Up….!!
    Take Care.. :)

  2. Neetu

    So true Nidhi and so very well stated. being busy is like a vicious circle. it will never end. few moments spend with ourselves can bring so much clarity in mind. I can completely relate to what you wrote here.

    Stay happy


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