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How to Decide Which Food is Healthy to Eat

Hello, How are you doing? I am swamped with work these days but howsoever crazy it may get, I always find time to eat – eat healthy. One reason being that I get hungry too soon and too much . Other being, I am always reading about food or watching videos on food which keeps […]

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Acidity, Alkalinity of Food

This article is in continuation to my article on What is a Balanced Diet. If we keep eating ‘healthy’ food all time then there will come a situation when there will be imbalance and hypersensitivity in our body. As in our body will start to throw up on eating street food. It will develop allergies […]

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Energy Fields of Food

Is food just about Carbohydrates, fats and proteins? If it is so then why don’t the frozen potatoes or canned peas make us feel the same as a fresh version of them do. Or then why don’t yesterday’s curry, which was refrigerated for one day give us the same energy as it did when it […]

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