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About Pre and Post Workout Meals

Pre and Post Workout Meals This question came from Snigdha Kashyap. She tries to workout regularly but is always confused about her pre and post workout meals. Why do we need pre and post workout meals anyway? Aren’t we taking the pains to workout- just to ‘burn out’ the already existing fat in our body, […]

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How to stay Hydrated

How to stay Hydrated Hi Guys, I have been meaning to start writing again from long. Here you go. I will write atleast one article every Wednesday. Mostly focussing on the queries . We hear so many stories on the importance of hydration for good health and suggestions on drinking x gallons/liters/glasses of water for […]

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What are the Role of Muscle in Exercise

Hi everyone,   Ramya asked this question a few days back: First, the breathing technique while lifting weights is, breathe out while lifting and breathe in while dropping. Is this right? I am always confused and bug my trainer everytime. Second: I got thinking after reading the bench press thing. If we do the 3-day-split […]

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