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East Mountain Sports

Hiya everyone,   This Sunday, we went to a vegan food festival in new york city. I had reviewed the festival HERE on the food blog. The event was called The Seed. The event was at the new york city’s most amazing shopping district called SOHO.¬†After the event we went to a sports brand called […]

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How to Chose Workout Shoes

How to Chose Workout Shoes This post is to answer Kawal’s question: “As I do aerobics at home by watching youtube videos. I have running shoes of adidas should I buy separate shoes for aerobics ? I am confused plz help” Thanks for your question Kawal. It reminded me of the days when I was […]

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Marathon Running Essentials

Marathon Running Essentials Hi Everyone, The first post yayy I want to share about the¬†Marathon Running Essentials. To complete a long distance run/ marathon hassle free, it is very important to go to the race with some running essentials. I am sharing the running essentials that I carried and I forgot to carry to my […]

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