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East Mountain Sports

Hiya everyone,   This Sunday, we went to a vegan food festival in new york city. I had reviewed the festival HERE on the food blog. The event was called The Seed. The event was at the new york city’s most amazing shopping district called SOHO.¬†After the event we went to a sports brand called […]

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Sailing on the Hudson River NYC , Experience

Heloss, Abhishek and I went for sailing today. One of Abhishek’s acquaintance has been sailing since he was a child. He goes sailing every friday on the hudson river. He invited us to join him on his boat today. We both are a little water sick but still we went. We thought we should give […]

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Long Distance Travels and Fitness

Hello everyone, Last week, Abhishek and I did a long road trip. We drove over 3200kms (both sides) from New york to Georgia. This trip covered almost full east coast of USA. We could have gone to Atlanta directly by flight but Abhishek wanted to show me some states which come in between New york […]

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