My Checklist for Fitness

Checklist for Fitness

Checklist for Fitness

Today supreme court made gay sex an offence punishable with upto life imprisonment. Punishment for loving someone. How sad! Will this ruling make any homosexual, straight? Will this change the love inclinations of homosexuals? None. Rather, this ruling against love will breed hate and frustration. *how mean* *sigh sadly*

Anyways, hush hush my mind. Let us talk about fitness. I have this habit of scribbling. Mostly I scribble about gratitude, self questions and resolutions. And it turns out that most of what I scribble about revolves around my fitness goals *True love you see*. I enjoy this scribbling, the most after an amazing workout session.

May be because, the warrior feel post a good workout, tranquilizes the mind. The mind kind of forks out into a drunk state, which is the best state to, elicit the genuine answers from it and win it over with new resolutions. Overtime I have realized that this habit of self questioning, followed by goal setting, helped me in realizing some of my fitness mistakes. I was going through my scribble pad,  sharing these common questions that I ask myself..

1. What did you eat as the evening snack in the last whole week? Ok evening is the time when I am at my hungriest best. At this time, I am the most vulnerable to eat anything, rubbish too :( . if I have not thought of an evening snack from before. I eat whatever I find in my closet (Biscuits, namkeens, sweets from neighbour’s wedding). And ohh the fried food cravings are supreme at this time. Samosa, pakoda are glanced once then daboed hastily without allowing a second thought.

So okay first point on my checklist is plan your evening meal from before. It works :)

2. How many late nights last week? :P . You know I keep falling into the trap of sleeping late and waking up late or sleeping less number of hours. Once in a while it is okay but our body has a very good (read bad) habit of adaptability. So it becomes tough to break the habit.

No proper sleep proper body cycle = no fitness.  So lights off early from today. I mark this as a second point on my checklist.

3. How many days of workout last week? 3 or 4 or 5? Well 5 brings a big smile. The hearty smile to me.

Workout for atleast 5 days a week and feel happy. There goes the 3rd point on my checklist.

4. How many times you ate out in the week? Including parties at home. 1 or 2 or 3 or….7? .  1 makes me feel proud. but 5 makes me feel OMG :| . Okay so the follow up question is what did you eat? if it was not indulgence then that meal is given a pass.

Eat at home or when you eat out then eat wisely. 4th point checked.

5. How many hours you sat in front of the computer, without taking a walk, stretch or water break? Last week off course. Okay! Forget about the last week, I am a culprit right now. I have been sitting in front of my laptop from last 2 hours. No water break. I better go and hydrate myself first, stretch a bit and then resume writing.

Huhh, had water and stretched a bit. Note to self: Do not complain of sloppy skin and sluggish metabolism if you do not hydrate yourself every 1-2 hours. One more thing hydrate with water, not with coffee or tea or cold drinks :| 5th point check marked in steel.

6. How many times you fussed about little things and unnecessarily stressed yourself, in the last week?
Umm well.. That’s a very genuine question. I have to learn to take it easy otherwise soon I will have to learn to live without my precious hair(as they are the first thing which leave us when we are under stress) and I will have to learn to live with big dark circles and with poor sleep and some extra weight..

Checklist for Fitness

Oops!  from now on, I will laugh off the tiny problems like usne ye kaha, wo mere baare main ye sochti hai, ab kya hoega.. baahhh I will bury it all loling. In short, I will laugh more than I crib. Good Idea! 6th point ready to go.

These are my check list for fitness. What are yours? Share no. It will be fun :)


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15 thoughts on “My Checklist for Fitness

  1. Ankita

    this is amazing and very interesting…first let me answer yours-
    1) totally agree nidhi…evening is the worst time for me and since i had not planned it yesterday ended up eating a samosa :( but today, i packed a sandwich and brought it to office…i always crave carbs at this time so fruits, nuts etc never suffice, need something solid :)
    2) no late nights…u already know how boring I m :P I always get 7 hour sleep :)
    3) I target 6 workouts but I m ok with 5 too…anything lesser gives me huge guilt trip..
    4) I eat one meal in office and I m not counting that :P cheat meals-yeah once a week.
    5) never more than 1 hour..i keep moving :)
    6) stress…ohh yes!!! at times but I m mostly pretty relaxed :)

    ok, now my checklist-
    1) eating 6 meals a day….i try to follow it strictly and out of these i try that max only 1/2 meals in office and rest I make sure i eat at home….irony of shifts :( cant always eat at home.
    2) ok…i m more paranoid about workouts than nutrition….i can deal with a samosa guilt but a missed workout is a heartache :) so workout 6 days a week goes to my checklist.
    3) other than workout days which is usually 1 or max 2, get some walk and keep myself active…
    4) resist eating outside on weekends and cook at home…I enjoy cooking esp when i know home cooked is the best.
    5) minimize junk…i know eating is my problem n i try to mix that…ok I try :P i m not soo good as yet :P
    6) drink enough water…i dont drink enough so have to keep a check..tea coffee I m off so no issues with that…tea allowed only in headache :-D
    7) Last checklist- Bug u, shruti and everyone I find motivating with my doubts all the time….and also to keep motivation going…. :-D :-D

    thanks nidhi..i so enjoyed writing this :)

      1. Ankita

        Nidhi….do more of these… :-D i felt so good reading and writing it and yes workout plans please….with equipment, no equipment, weights, body weights everything I want :-D

  2. khushi

    my check list:
    As my wedding is coming near, i have to tk out tym all most daily after work for sumthing or d other. my checklist is to go mk it a point to hit the gym atleast 4 tyms in a week even wid super tyt schedule (mostly i come to gym at 8pm).
    2nd is i go home extremly hungry want to much sumthing or the other, so recently i have started having Sattu drink (may be not happening) but very healthy in terms of protien n keep the system clear.
    it also tastes good, when u add onion, lemon,salt and green chilli :P
    3rd,to drink loads of water, i dont miss out on that come what may, even wen m working wid full concentration on pc. just make it a point to kp a botytle handy on ur desk( u wont neglect drinking then).
    4th,as they say green tea must be consumed after meal. i dont carry it or kp it my ofc as i like to mk it myself . so after dinner only i have it once a day n stres on not to miss it.
    5th, i have sea cods daily without miss, i need the immunity(very fragile body)
    6th, try out new exercises after following Nidhi n her tips

    thats for me . hope am ryt, m i Nids?

    1. Nidhi

      All superb points khushi.. sattu, keeping water bottle near the desk, sea cods, variety.. All the best and good wishes for wedding :) )

  3. martina

    i love doing self checklist.. :) :D
    1. feeling guilty here as m always come late form my work i got superrr hungry till i reached my home den i cant control to what to eat or not :( from now onwards m gonna change my habit n will try to choose a better option.. :)
    2.n about workout i try harder to achieve my 6 days workout goal more den anything… :) bcuz if i missd my workout den my mood swings got automatically started n i cant bear dis… :)
    3.i cant sit in one place more den 15 mins :P my boss also know dis dat martina cant sit in a place….
    4.hmm yeah its d main reason i try to avoid going out…n in home i always prefer simple home made cooking :)
    5.lasltly i drink lotss of water minmum 3-4 litres….:)

    i loved writing dis but nidhi plzz share some workouts for arms n abs….. :)

    1. Nidhi

      Good good Martina.. Moving around is good. and home food is the best food. Take care of your supeerr hungry times .. I will write on upper body workout today.. Not going to the gym for the next one month.. Got dumb bells for myself. I will share that what I will do :)

  4. Shruti,

    I honestly don’t have a checklist, I do reflect on all this things on a per day basis for 15 minutes but now weekly. But its nice you do, I should also start doing this, maybe its because I’m so unorganized :(


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