Coca Cola Factory Tour in Atlanta


On our trip to Atlanta. We did a factory tour of coca cola. To me, it came out more of a recreational site, where they touted for coca cola in every fancy way possible. Like there was a 3D theater which showed a movie on what makes coca cola a universal drink. Then there was a normal theatre which aired all the famous advertisements of coca cola that had been released so far worldwide. Then they had a kind of a museum which showed the story of how coca cola started from a simple drink of cola flavor to become a business to an internationally accepted brand.

On the display were all the merchandize that they manufactured for branding. You see the vending machines, the key chains, purses, shirts and what not. I believe this tour could be very helpful for marketing students. I mean coca cola used some really awesome marketing tricks to leverage the brand. It was much ahead of its time. The marketing techniques were no doubt a cult. They sponsored a lot of athletic and sports event like tournaments and olympics to increase their visibility amongst sports lovers.


What I was looking for was the secret ingredient of which it is made :P . The tour started with a lot of good things that they do to ensure quality. Like they do a lot of inspection of their bottles. Rinse the bottle, pressurize them, inspect them for any defects etc. They also showed some good things about the water that goes inside coca cola. It is distilled and purified and blah blah. My grudge is that they talked very little about what is blended with this water.

Only a brief description was given that cola syrup is blended with sweetener and water to make coca cola. I wished they shared how this cola syrup was made. My guess is that it is definitely not made from something natural and organic. And is made from artificial flavors. And then they also forgot to tell about the aeration of the drink. Aeration with carbon dioxide to bring fizziness to the drink. Well what an irony, we live to breathe oxygen into our system and breathe out as much possible carbon dioxide  out of our system.

We are already dealing with less oxygen being led  and more carbon dioxide staying back into our system due to our inadequate breathing pattern, because of the rushed up life that we live. And yet we chose to deluge ourselves with carbon dioxide in the name of some sugary drink with fizz. How sad!




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Coca Cola Factory Tour in Atlanta


They continuously talked about how universal the drink is. How much it unites people from every nation. They were so proud of telling all this even to the young boys and girls who were taking the tour. They gravely ignored the point that they were fascinating those kids to love the drink that is unhealthy. And is a reason for obesity or healthy problems to many. Moreover,  in the end they were offering free samples of coca cola to everyone. Huh! The only good part in the end was they were asking everyone to write their coca cola story and leave it in a box.

My story was that the drink is so unhealthy and it has made and is making so many people obese!

Point is they will still sell it as aggressively as they could. They will ignore messages from people like  us and  will go on to make  money for themselves. The charge is on us to stop ourselves from victimizing to these stupid drinks and  rather drink and eat something more real :)

No comments from your side. I am longing to talk with everyone. Please say something :)



15 thoughts on “Coca Cola Factory Tour in Atlanta

  1. Ankita

    Hi Nidhi…sorry have not commented in a while…been kind of busy…yes these drinks should be a total no no. U know soft drinks are free in my office but I have had just one sip from a bottle in these 7 months…on the other hand, rotational shifts have gone real bad for my health…I have gained 4-5 kgs :( Nidhi, I want you to start writing exercise plans and meal plans like u did earlier…will help many of us :) so good to see u r travelling so much :) let me know if there r any India plans..

    1. Nidhi

      Ankitaaa.. tum kahan kho gayi thi?? Abhishek is crazy about traveling. He is traveling is heart out :| Actually all this traveling and looking for courses for myself is not letting me think much so I am not able to write much on food and fitness topics. I just quickly write on things that I am presently doing for fitness. Rotational shifts are bad. I will call you sometime. Tell me the time you are free.. I will give you a call and then we will discuss. I am soon starting a course on nutrition as well on fitness. Will tell which one once I am fully decided. Then all that I study. I will write about it here. I have to answer so many queries also in the mail. I will catch up soon once abhishek’s travel bhooth gets a little quiet :)

    2. Ramya

      Ankita, I missed reading ur comments too. I can understand how hard rotational shifts are :( What are ur timings now then? Dont worry u’ll be back in no time.. these things keep happening. The important thing is u are still at it and u haven’t given up! How are the workouts going?

        1. Ankita

          Naah Nidhi…I m not that busy…just that even my best efforts r not working…so I m disappointed…when I see everyone working out 3-4 days a week moderately and eating everything in moderation and losing weight…I feel sad…I work harder than others, I take good care of my diet but just Bcoz of shifts I m suffering.. :( you guys are all so fit…I feel ashamed to even talk about fitness now..u know a new gym trainer came upto me a few days back and asked me u work out so well then why r u fat :/ I did not want to rant so much..but it just came out…sorry!

          1. Nidhi

            Ankita.. Best thing you did.. Vented out!! It happens sometimes.. Let us talk over phone sometime and find the reason to it.. May be Omega3 or calcium. Tell me when you are free :)

            1. Ramya

              Ankita where else will u vent if not here? And why should u feel ashamed of talking abt fitness just bcoz u aren’t seeing results? It happens to everyone and besides, instead of giving up bcoz u have rotational shifts, u r doing everything possible to make the best of the situation! U should be proud of yourself girl. Hard work never, ever, ever goes waste. It always gives fruit. Sooner or later :) Cheer up, we are with you. :-*

  2. martina

    hey nidhi…. loved ur article n while reading ur comments for their drink was hilarious :) n loved ur travelling pics sooo much…from so many days i was dying to ask u dat could u please write something for a diet and workout article lyk a daily routine for us who r trying to lose fat it will be really helpful for :(

  3. Subha

    Hi nidhi,

    I always had an aversion towards the soft drinks since I was a kid….til now I made sure I don’t touch those bottles… grt article….. hope you are having grt time … u look d grt in the photos of your previous post…..

  4. Ramya

    Nidhuuu…. This post has ur style stamped all over it :) Loved it !! :) Especially the part about carbon dioxide! Only you can instill common sense in such a cute manner :)
    I haven’t commented from long either; u know why. But now things are settling down. I miss chatting with u and today reading all posts I missed hungrily :)
    On a positive note, I don’t know what I’ve been doing that worked, but my fat percentage is finally down to 24! :) U remember how much I harassed u abt it not coming down? :P And my tummy looks nearly flat now, but not defined or toned :P
    I just remember going back to traditional strength training which I hadn’t done in a long time, and steady state cardio twice a week. I tried taking ur advice and making my meals really small, and keeping cheat meals to a bare minimum. Oh well! Am just happy that it happened somehow :)

    1. Nidhi

      Abe Sai…congrats!! Ek din sabka aata fixed rules..Yaar naani and Nanaji Are visiting so I was busy with them..main aaj kal daba kar eating :D .. How is maa now?

      1. Ramya

        Nidhi.. Mom is much better, just very weak.. Dad was also ill :( Thankfully he’s back to normal now. Enjoy the grandparents’ visit! :) Hehehe ya relatives shower love on us by making us eat na :P

        1. Nidhi

          Ohh hope they both are doing good now? I knoww.. But I am feeling better to be in control from last few days :D


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