How to deal with Migraine, Constipation And Insomnia

How to deal with Migraine, Constipation And Insomnia

I got this question in my Fb Inbox, a few days back.

Hi Nidhi Please help me

I have migraine n insomnia for which i am taking treatment from neurologist.He has given me Amitop25 My problem is due to medicine its very difficult for me to get up early so i go for my walk in evg. I need a cup of tea to wake up in morning and dat also help bowel movements otherwise i face constipation problem. I have read and I know that waking up to tea is bad habit and whether its black or green tea. I m taking a cup of green tea if i dnt take tea i m not able to get up n i hv headache later in day plz tell me what can I do ?

I also take two cups of normal black tea later in day but that i try to maintain sufficient gaps between meals plz tell how can i solve this problem

I have been thinking how to answer this question. As in, the probable answer that anyone will be likely to give to this question is to ask from you to live an ideal lifestyle, which can not only solve this problem but can also solve any other health problem in this world. And it is not just I, there has always been someone or the other telling us to do this. A print media/electronic media/elders/doctors/fitness experts et all ask us to live an ideal lifestyle.

Hence, now advice like sleep on time, wake up on time, eat well, do physical workout, don’t stress etc gather responses like yeaa I know, I have heard that so many times in the past. Nothing new in it.

Huhh! I do not want to be someone reiterating it atleast in the same words/tone. Hence my dilemma on ‘How to answer this question’.

So here I decided to tell you a story. It is my story, which dates back to around 10 years from now, the time, when I was in school. It was time, when I had started preparing for JEE, which at that time had two parts (Screening and mains). And which was at that time considered as the toughest examination. I badly wanted to study in IIT bombay. So I started taking things so hard on myself.

More stress less sleep
More anxiety less alertness
More back pain less rest
More busy less food
More migraines less calmness
More medicine less health
More sedentary less activity
More constipation less elimination
More pimples less glow
More fat less metabolism
More willingness less energy
More frustration less results

In short, I contracted all the diseases in this world; constipations, back pain. I had major bouts of headaches. I remember I use to get so frustrated that I use to shout for help to get some sleep. I remember I had such bad back pain that I was not able to even sit for couple of hours at a stretch. And had to go to a physiotherapist very often. I had to take laxatives regularly. And I became two sizes. XL for my jeans and medium for my top :D :D .

I guess the main reason for all of this was stress. That too unnecessary stress. Also I guess these problems happened at the end of school life because that was the time when I all of a sudden, gave up playing outdoors, with my friends and limited my life to books and ‘JEE’. Little did I knew that these problems were just the beginning. College life began at the helm of these problems. I got heftier, hopeless and unhealthy. Constipation became piles. back pain became spondylosis, headaches became migraines. Stress became sleeplessness. Gosh! I ate too little or too much. I hated to wake up in the morning and go to college. BUTT every dark cloud has a silver living :D .

At the pre final year of college, there appeared in my life my first yoga guru and my life took a U turn. First thing that guruji treated was constipation. He did it so easily. He use to come home at 5 in the morning. Every morning I use to think of excuses to avoid his class. As I felt so sleepy to wake up at that time. But he still came. As he expected me to do that :P

He use to ask me to drink warm water. And then sit in a squat position for 5 minutes, my first asana for the day :P . You see the Indian way is the best way ;-) .

How to deal with Migraine, Constipation And Insomnia

And then there was meditation and breathing practices for relaxation. And then asanas. And then a fruit after yoga and a meal after 1-1:30 hour. And after meals I was asked to sit in vajra asana for sometime.

Guruji use to say that the main reason for constipation are two 1. Stress 2. Incorrect posture for eliminating.

When we get stressed, our colon also gets stressed. It makes it difficult for our digestive system to ease anything out of the body. Hence blocking our whole system. So guruji counseled me to not be very hard on myself and take things easy in life. He made me meditate and do pranayams. Which opened the blockages in my body including the blockages in my stomach as well as in my head.

Squat position is basically the conducive position to eliminate. But the modern seats have taken it over and so have they taken over the conduciveness of elimination in a squat position :D . Okay no fun. I mean it! We cannot help it if there is no Indian shit pot in our house But this exercise of sitting in a squat position for 5 minutes is helpful.

Again yoga asanas done with proper breathing does not only strengthen the back muscles but also opens up the mind so that there is no space for headaches. Also, eating right food at right time and in right amount, awakens every organ of the body and put them to their work at the right time. Thus synchronizing the body with all its systems. So changing sleep and food cycles to the natural body clock worked wonders for me. I remember that in a month’s time, I had lost 5-6 kgs of weight, my appetite had gotten strong, my skin was clear and glowing. I had no constipation or headaches and I felt very positive.

How to deal with Migraine, Constipation And Insomnia

Although it took me a while to see these results but my teacher did not give up on me. And then after I started feeling better.I also had no reason to give up on myself :) . Later over these past years there had been so many periods in my life when I had immense stress and I had screwed up my system. Every time, instead of going to a doctor. I have looked for a good yoga teacher. And have come back home to a realizations that I need to change my sleep cycle, give sometime to my practice, sit silently to meditate, start my day with warm water or a fruit (If there is no yoga class just after), spend some time in squat position and vajraasana.

I still do not wake up at 5. But 7 or 8 is not that bad either. Little stress is good but letting it go is better. Too much sleep is a waste of time and energy but 7 hours of sleep is a luxury :) . A good workout in a day offers enough tiredness for a strong sleep. There are some foods as well that promote good sleep like warm milk before going to sleep. Dinner finished 2 hours before sleep. Then there is fiber rich food which strengthens colon and reduces constipation. Food like brown rice, raw veggies salads, fruits, multigrain flour etc. Pickles are good for strengthening the colon. Food cooked in desi ghee(clarified butter), asafoetida (hing) etc. Probiotics like curd, idli etc all are good for the digestive system.

Most of the illnesses are just like addictions. Both are self made. Unless ofcourse the disease is genetic. By taking medicines or resorting to addictions ( which include coffee and tea addictions too) we can only change the name of the illness (a medicine for migraine causes constipation etc). Whereas by changing self we can live free of illnesses as well as addictions :)



13 thoughts on “How to deal with Migraine, Constipation And Insomnia

  1. pooja dubey

    Nice article :) though I have a doubt. .you have mentioned that start your day with a fruit only if there is no yoga class. then I have even read in many articles that a pre workout (apprx 20; mins b4 ) meal is imp. And I have been practicing suryanamaakars and some breathing exercises since past few days in morning. .bt I start my day with a fruit…then I do namaskars and other exercises n then I have this wrong ??

    1. Nidhi

      Good question Pooja..I wrote if there is a yoga class just after.. I too have a fruit if there is a class after 15-20 minutes. Doing yoga or antigravity just after eating a fruit does not work for me especially as both of them have forward bends and inversions so the fruit starts to come out as it is not digested by then. Yes pre and post workout meals are very important :)

  2. Vani

    Very nice article di.. Thanks for adding your story, this is what people like me can relate to and draw inspiration from..
    I will be desperately waiting for your article on pre and post workout meals..! Thanks:)

  3. Ramya

    Excellent article as always… One expects no less from u :-D the simplicity of solutions to some problems are astounding.. :-)
    I was ill from the past few days (very high fever) and I missed reading ur posts.. I had unplugged my laptop and phone. Loved reading this one :-)


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