How to Decide Which Food is Healthy to Eat


How to Decide Which Food is Healthy to Eat

How are you doing? I am swamped with work these days but howsoever crazy it may get, I always find time to eat – eat healthy. One reason being that I get hungry too soon and too much :D . Other being, I am always reading about food or watching videos on food which keeps me motivated to eat . As a matter of fact, we recently started watching this sitcom on Netflix – “Raja Rasoi aur Anya Kahaniya” . Each episode of this sitcom takes you to a different state of India and talks about its food traditions. As in, it talks about thousands of years old food traditions – The Ayurvedic wisdom behind cooking processes. It also talks about the relevance of picking up certain ingredients for a certain dish based on the climate and local crops of that particular state. The best thing I like is the Indian culture of eating food happily, together with family so that food gets into our body with the most receptive circumstances.

It is the most intriguing sitcom on foods that I have ever seen before. It is a visual delight as well. I have become a huge fan of traditional and local eating!

This brings me to the questions that I quite often,  receive in my inbox:  ”Is it healthy to eat bread?” , “How to decide which coconut water is healthy to drink?” and likes.
I believe all food is healthy unless it is packaged, cooked or dressed unhealthily.

Let us take an example of a bowl of salad. Greens and raw or boiled veggies are good unless we bathe them dressings like in mayos.. thousands or lakhs island etc . Similarly potatoes are good unless we dip them in a lucrative batter and then deep fry the hell out of those potatoes. Consequently, nothing will be left of those potatoes in the end. Having said that, all of these are fine to eat once in a while.

But since here we are talking about How to Decide Which Food is Healthy to Eat in our daily lives? So Let us take some examples. How about bread? Is it healthy to eat?

Anything which is closest to the nature and recently made around you – is healthy to eat. So if the bread is made of  unprocessed grains, it is bought from a local bakery, which produces fresh breads everyday and it is not bough from a big brand and if it is eaten in control than it is in every way healthy to eat.

Next let us look at packaged coconut water. Recently, I was running late for my yoga class. I was hungry so I quickly picked up a packet of coconut water from a grocery store. The coconut water tasted unusually delicious thus I had my doubts and I turned the packet to see the ingredient list. Well the poor packet had a little amount of coconut pulp and so many other foreign names on it. Some settling or gelling agents or so. Gosh who wants agents inside the coconut water?

I have seen similar ‘agents’ on the ingredient list of packaged soups as well. I threw the coconut water packet and rather got a slab of mozzarella cheese from a nearby local vendor.

Nevertheless, moral of the story is

A) for packaged foods: Look for list of ingredients. Do not form any packaged food a part of your daily diet just because it is touted as a healthy food. Avoid those with the shady ingredient lists.

B) Buy fresh breads, grocery etc locally from small stores.

C) Anything closest to the nature, edible though, is always good to eat. Fruits over juices. products made of whole grain flour over bleached flours etc.

I hope this helps. Please keep asking your questions :)


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