What is the difference between Tabata and HIIT: Today’s Workout Plan with Pre and Post Meals

What is the difference between Tabata and HIIT


What is the difference between Tabata and HIIT

How are you? So cold it is getting in the north of India. From last two days, I was not doing any workout apart from my daily ritual of walking on the terrace for half to one hour. Sky and Star gazing and contemplating :D . But Today, I talked with the b’day girl Shruti. She went to the gym on her b’day. her mom took my call twice and told me that she was in the gym. I was like Aunty, today also she has gone to the gym? *respect* ! Anyways, I was so motivated to workout after talking with her that I quickly had my lunch at 1:30 PM (Post workout meal). It was : Arhar dal (desi ghee and cumin seeds tempering), 1 chapati (desi ghee on it). You see I have to keep my skin, my mind, my joints strong, so desi ghee :) , 1 bowl curd with flaxseeds, 1 small bowl rice (white), 1 vegetable (It was turnip, a seasonal vegetable).

Exactly after 1 hour 30 mins, I started my workout. No mood to go to the gym today but had to do something challenging. So kept my workout timed! This makes a workout an HIIT or Tabata thing. I will tell the difference between each of them later.


1. Stair climbing: Slow 5 rounds (going up and coming down, counted as 1) as warm up.

I will tell you more on how to plan your warm in a post just after this one.

Stretching holding the stair case.

2. Stair climbing: 5 mins, minimum 18 rounds.

Some Water sip sip

3. 20 push ups on the toes

4. 20 Lunges (10 each side)

5. 20 squats.

Repeat from 1. I timed the workout for 30 mins. So I had to give my best in those 30 mins. I could complete 4 rounds in 30 mins. The point is suppose I had fixed the number of rounds but had not fixed any time. So I could have done this workout till long, at my own pace. Does that make it a challenge? May be.. It depends on us.. But the timing factor brings out the max performance! The ‘timing factor’ is to increase the speed of the exercise, hence making it more intense. An already intense exercise like say a sprint become more challenging when this ‘timing factor’ is added. Agree?

And this sudden burst of intensity or shock is what works for fat burning or for overcoming weight loss plateau.. Are you in for it? :) Try this challenge

All of this came to my mind, after Ankita shared her today’s Tabata WOD. This timing factor is what makes a workout an HIIT or Tabata.

What is the difference between Tabata and HIIT

High intensity interval training and Tabata are two peas in a fitness pod. Both focus on short periods of high-intensity movements paired with periods of rest. The main difference between HIIT and Tabata is the rest period between work bouts.

Tabata — Your rest periods between exercises are shorter than the time it takes to do the exercise. For example, if you are doing 20 seconds of jump squats you would have 10 seconds of rest between each bout. Tabata mostly lasts for 8-10 mins

With HIIT, the rest periods are as long as if not longer than the exercise intervals. So, for example, you could do 20 seconds of jump squats with 20 or 30 seconds of rest between bouts. The bouts could include any kind of high-intensity exercises including push-ups, sprints or dead lifts. HIIT is for 9-20 mins.

Ohh I forgot to share my post workout meal

Guava, pomegranate, fresh home made cottage cheese, salt and black pepper… With half a glass of home made whey… #seasonal fruits #natural proteins.

What is the difference between Tabata and HIIT

Beast Mode as we decided for the new year :)

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5 thoughts on “What is the difference between Tabata and HIIT: Today’s Workout Plan with Pre and Post Meals

  1. Sahiba

    Superrrr.. :) I am in a slow motion phase because of the winters.. 20 minutes brisk walk and 20 minutes cycling is what I did.. :(

  2. Ankita

    Ur workout is great Nidhi…n yeah I focus a lot on fat burning so I do a lot of HIIT n tabata kind of workouts…I do other exercises after that…I m glad that I spite of winters, I m working out regularly….did an awesome upper body strength training workout today..again picked up from fitness blender :)


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