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Is food just about Carbohydrates, fats and proteins? If it is so then why don’t the frozen potatoes or canned peas make us feel the same as a fresh version of them do. Or then why don’t yesterday’s curry, which was refrigerated for one day give us the same energy as it did when it was eaten fresh? It is because we take food too meanly and thus fail to understand its meaning. We take food as something which can either make us fat or give us proteins (muscles) or which we can either overeat or count and eat.

Sadly, we fail to understand it as something which is essential for our life processes. Something which has not just energy(calories) but energy fields also associated with it. May be this is the reason, we prefer to pick up enriched foods. Which are nothing but refined food which are later enriched with vitamins and minerals that were lost in the process of refining.

Let us today look at food in a different way…In a way of something which has life and thus which passes that life to me and you to let us survive!

1. Let me start with some information. People all over the world started eating white bread because they realized that the white flour which was obtained by stripping bran and germ off the wheat was whiter, fluffier and long lasting. But soon they started noticing problems such as constipation and blood sugar rise. This made them realize that the bran and wheat germ that was weeded of the whole wheat was actually rich in various nutrients as well as fiber. Good.

But even after this realization, some people instead of stopping the use of white bread started Adding bran to the vegetables or to their orange juices( a new trend) :P .

Point is stripping while the whole wheat we strip it off its nutrients. So far so good. But later enriching it with all that was stripped off does not make any sense. It is like removing someone’s arm and then adding a prosthetic. You remove one thing from the whole means you disrupt the energy system of the whole. Now anything added to it externally will be external. It could not bind itself like before.

Take Away: The boxes which shout out ‘Enriched’ with _ or _ is all sham. Real food has real energy fields or prana associated with them. So for example feeding a kid with a formula is a kind of external enrichment of the kid. And feeding them with animal or mother’s milk is their internal enrichment. :)

2. I have always believed that our body is the smartest computer of all. It makes all its deficiencies apparent as some or the other kind of cravings. Going by this logic, whenever I see people drinking a lot of colas or cold sugary drinks. The first thought that comes to my mind is that their this craving means that there is a lot of heat in their body.

Now the question is where does this heat come from? Either their environment is very hot. Or we also know that a food full of trans fats, sugars etc has a lot of calories in it. It is such kind of lifeless, energy dense food that creates enough heat in their body to create cravings for cold sugary drinks. Consuming which they lose control over their system and feel sleepy and tiered.

Wonder why people crave more for colas when they eat junk food? or when they eat fleshy part of any animal? Now you know the reason :)

People who live in very cold climates need heat so if they eat a heavy breakfast then they would never gain fat. As that energy dense food will give them heat. But normal people like us, who stay heated or covered in winters. We will only end up depositing the energy dense food as fats.  Don’t believe me? Try to eat vegetables and less energy dense food for breakfast and see the difference in your energy levels :)

Take Away: Our internal system needs energy to ‘burn’ the food during digestion or metabolism. So it is the ‘heat’ that breaks the food bonds to burn and release the energy from it. The warmer, fresher and lighter our food. The more support it gives to our digestion and metabolism. And hence the more energy it brings to us.

Now what do you say is food just about carbs, proteins and fats ? :)

So many such things to share about food. Will keep sharing a few small notes like this daily. Next article will be on the problem of insomnia, migraine, constipation and back pains in our generations.

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6 thoughts on “Energy Fields of Food

  1. Neetu

    very good read and info nidhi.. :) i will wait for insomina series.. :P being a victim of one.. :P
    N totally agree t u with eating part. Thanx to u guys totally quit colas and left over food..


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