Exercises to Firm your Double Chin

Exercises to Firm your Double Chin

Exercises to Firm your Double Chin

This post is to answer Sonu’s question that she asked in the comments HERE. You know stars with super toned and accentuated jaw line make billions of dollars. Check out the jaw line of Agyness Deyn and Victoria Beckham. These two celebs are said to have one of the best jaw lines.

Huhh! People become icons by selling their stupendous cheek bones, jaw lines, abs, hair cuts and what not *I wonder* Show bizz it is!

There can be many reasons for double chin. It can be due to obesity, age or to genetic reasons. There is no denying the fact that a toned up jaw line with properly modulated throat and cheek muscles add million stars to the beauty of the face. Mostly, weight loss helps with the removal of excess fat around the chin also but, there are so many people who are not fat otherwise yet they have double chin. You know honestly, the more the weight on the face or body, the more is the downward gravitational force that we experience. Hence the more saggy and baggy our skin looks. The best anti aeging thing is having a taught skin for that fat loss is important.

So the best way to lose the double chin can be achieved by 3 things.

1. Lose Fat to reduce the gravitational force on the skin

2. Meditate and stay calm.

We have around 50 facial muscles. These muscles are shaped up as per our state of mind or thoughts. For example If we are frustrated then we will look also frustrated :P . There is a huge science called face reading (Physiognomy) which is based on a somewhat similar philosophy. I recently talked with someone, who specializes in face reading and I was bowled over with the acuteness of this science. Will try to explore it and share a few things.

Ahem ok! so the point is give time to relax your facial muscles. Once you release all the mental tension, the facial tension will also be obliterated, giving way to enormous glow :) Ask your mind to keep calm and meditate :D . It will make a huge difference. *Meri gurantee varna paise wapas* :D

3. Exercise your jawline and throat muscles to shape up the muscles.

Following are some do while sitting at your desk exercises to Firm your Double Chin

Ohh! I forgot, most of the times sagging of chin and throat muscles, is due to improper posture. Take care of your posture all time. Improving your posture is the first step towards improving your level of fitness.

1. Chin Lifts

Exercises to Firm your Double Chin

This exercise is for the muscles of the chin, throat and jaw line.

1. Keep your spine erect.

2. Take your head back slowly to look at the ceiling.

3. Pucker your lips tightly, as if you wanted to kiss the ceiling.

Hold this kissing position for 1 minute and come back. Repeat several times in a day.

How to Firm your Double Chin and Throat Muscles with Facial Exercises

2. Neck Roll

Exercises to Firm your Double Chin

How to Firm your Double Chin and Throat Muscles with Facial Exercises

This is a very good exercise for neck, throat, jaw line, cheek muscles. It is also a very good exercise for easing shoulder pain and cervical problems.

1. Keep your spine erect.

2. Inhale to turn your head on one side, till your chin touches your shoulder.

3. Slowly exhale to roll your head to touch your chin to your chest.

4. Inhale to turn your head to the other side and repeat the process.

Repeat it 5-10 times in one go.

3. Jaw Release

Singhasana is the best asana for improving the definition of cheek bones and jaw line. This asana got very famous recently after kareena’s yoga teacher told in media that kareena’s sexy pout is the result of this asana :)

Make sure to keep your spine erect when you do this. In the video it is done in a very soft way. You can chose to roar like a lion :)

4. Platysma Exercise

Exercises to Firm your Double Chin

The platysma is the big muscle that runs from our jawline to our shoulder. Exercising it helps keep our chin and throat firm. To strengthen and tone the platysma, follow these steps.

Exercises to Firm your Double Chin

1. Pull your lips back against your teeth.

2. Open your mouth slightly, and activate the muscles of your jaw. Keep your lips pressed firmly against your teeth. The tendons on your neck should stand out.

3. Wiggle your lower jaw up and down 5 to 10 times.

You can also imitate the action of chewing a gum :)

For the second part of Sonu’s question. Here is the answer: How to Train Abdominal Muscles

Have the funsss :)

Loads of Love

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12 thoughts on “Exercises to Firm your Double Chin

  1. Anamika Chauhan

    Thanks nidhi for such lovely infos…:-* want to ask u about ur pre workout meal today before that 1 hr running,50 squats,50 lunges etc…and plzzz meri frnd request accept krlo na…hehehe..:)

  2. Anamika Chauhan

    Actually want to ask u that I hav rheumatic heart disease…had undergone BMV in 2011..actually its an operation for opening d valves that had been blocked…m taking antibiotic for preventing sore throat which is d main reason for dis disease…mai b Sb exercise krna chahti hu par Jb jyada krleti hu I feel congestion sort of thing…:(. Feel depressed yr..:(

    1. Nidhi

      Hi Anamika, get a good yoga teacher, do yoga, pranayams and swimming is good for you. I had a glass of milk as pre workout :)

  3. Sonu Walia


    thanks Nidhi, for writing for me. I am in loss of words. What a comprehensive blog, instant addition to my diary.
    I am that kind of girl who checks her face in the mirror all the time but thanks to you now fitness for me is lifestyle. You are truly inspiring.

    Wonderful sharing…..:))))))
    Keep it up…….

    Warm regards

  4. Ramya

    Superb article Nidhi! I had the double chin problem long back but it went away on its own when I lost fat.. But I wanna do these.. Especially the first and second. My neck and upper back are kinda stiff :( bcoz of the laptop. :( These look like they might help with that too!
    Nidhi, am registering for a marathon! I mean a small one, 10k but still, me being a non-runner that seems like a challenge :| Pinkathon Bangalore 10K. U got me bitten by the running bug! :D

    1. Nidhi

      Ramyaa superrrbb!! Pinkathon is an amazing initiative by Milind Soman. It is the best thing for women. Do 10k and then you will get the hang of running :) ) When is it? I am more excited now :D .. These exercises are good for laptop stiffness too :)

      1. Ramya

        It is on Feb 16th.. Am now excited too :D I want to run the whole distance, not walk in between, thats my self assigned goal… Is the time too short to train? I am doing strength training for legs and back as well. What abt food? What should I eat to get strong fast :D So many doubts :D

        1. Nidhi

          Sai hai..week main 4 days runing shuru kar do…haldi milk is the best for joints….do squats and lunges and loads of stretching


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