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Walk with hands folded behind.. Why? Best posture for the thoracic spine is when the chest is open, shoulder blades are pulled down and are pulled towards each other.. Try this folding hand thing, your upper back will assume the right position.. #posture correction..Try try and share


Raw salad experiment.. Chickpeas, broccoli, tomatoes, onion, boiled corns, home made white butter and salt to taste

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Morning glory… Fresh homemade butter.. #bonehealth #strongjoints, #greatskin #goodfats … Methi Parantha with home made butter for breakfast today

just learnt how to make lemon pickle (nimbu ka achar). No oil .. only Rock salt(sendha namak) and sugar(upto you ).. A lump of naturally fermented food. #foodforthegut #Indianfood :) )

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Healthy breakfast post yoga practice.. Honey-milk.. Vegetable oats


Plank is a superb core workout. In a plank we engage all the core muscles i.e muscles sorounding the spine… like abs, back, traps, gluteus.. etc For a strong spine and for strong spinal muscles, plank it up! Also if you want to feel your core muscles then

Come in a plank, close your eyes and feel the muscles that get engaged. These muscles make up the core.. 1 minute into the plank position, you will feel the core muscles better.. Try it

Olive oil is famous for monounsaturated fats and vitamin E, which almonds also have. Olives are for italians, leave it for them. Almond butter anyone?:)


Yoghurt with roasted cumin (jeera) powder and flaxseed powder… Midmeal snack idea.. Omega 3, calcium probiotic

I will laugh more than I crib. Stress never makes us fit but happiness does. #notestoself :) )

It is a good diet that supports a good training. No one ever gets fit just by exercising. #realizations..

Green tea with tulsi..healthy warm heaven for winters..#antioxidants #metabolism.



Late evening healthy munching.. fox nuts and muskmellon seeds.. I kind of stir roasted them in home made desi ghee

For home made ghee and butter, start using full cream milk. Boil the milk, leave it as it is for sometime, remove the malai and use that malai to make butter and ghee at home :) ) .. This way you also make skimmed milk at home. Better than milk skimmed in the machine..

Include fast carbs like fruits etc in your pre workout meal. Eat something that digests quickly to provide energy. I had sweet potato chaat before my run today. Since sweet potato is a slow/fibrous carb so, I had difficulty in running.


When we do SNs quickly then it become more of a cardio thing and when we do it slowly, holding each pose then it becomes a strengthening thing


A common mistake that an exercise enthusiast do is jump directly to workout without proper warm up and stretching.. Likewise, finish workout without proper cool down and stretching.. This later cause pain and injury.. And a lot of demotivation to workout…

howsoever boring warm up, cool down and stretching are .. do them..#fitness is in small changes :) )


Water is a freely and easily available, natural fat burner.. It Keeps the blood sugar and salt levels stable, cleanses the body of toxins and santises skin and organs..Stay hydrated..stay fit..!:)


We spend thousands and lakhs of rupees on gym memberships, nutritionists, doctors etc most of the times only to end up with pain or side effects or an injury due to incorrect approaches used.. why not spend 300 bugs and some time on a good book and educate ourselves on our body, our food ..sure shot results, no injuries or side effects..May be then we won’t even need any of the experts to help us look and feel fit #foodforthought #shutupandtrain


One big myth.. you started going to the gym so you should start taking protein shakes.. we have them without knowing what they are actually composed of.

The question is aren’t their enough natural options available which are better then these supplements?… Their is good paneer, dals, sprouts, egg, fish, mushroom, soyabean, daal chawal, seeds, peanuts…

irony is we skip these natural proteins as fattening and have supplements instead… don’t we?


If you experience pain during any workout like back pain after crunches or knee pain after running then slow down and first work on strengthening the back muscles or the muscles surrounding the knee joint..

Fitness is not just lmited to how we look but also to how we feel.. Let us first feel fit, good looks will follow :) )


What are good carbs? That which are Unprocessed and are closest to its natural packet flour..picked up the natural grains And got myself some whole grain flour grinded at a local chakki … #desi #healthy :) )

fmultigrain flour


The calf muscle is referred to as the ”second heart’ because when we are standing then the calf muscle is constantly contracting to help pump blood upwards in order to aid the heart in blood circulation..If calf muscles is week then the pressure will be felt on the joints..

Tip: Strengthen your calves for a stronger heart! Do calf raises, may be while brushing your teeth :) ) ..


What is your first meal of the day? Best is to finish the dinner early so that we wake up with a hungry/receptive body early morning.. The best time to treat the body with something natural which is filled with goodness.. Something like a fruit, dry fruit, milk instead of tea


Running can make us lose weight …but weight training of any form be it weight lifiting, yoga etc help us increase metabolism.. They are the kinds of workout that change body…hit it!


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  1. shilpa

    Wow nice tips:) keep them coming and plz add few exercise for back strengthening . I usually get pain after doing crunces :( :(:(


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