Fitbit Flex Review

Fitbit Flex Review This is the first fitness gadget of my life other than my phone. I have been planning to get a GPS watch from a long time. But I got this gadget as a gift on this birthday. I have been wearing it all time from the last 3 days now. It has some amazing features. GPS is one part of it with so many other features as well. How does it Work? Fitbit Flex Review

We get so many fitness details tracked just by wearing this good looking wrist band around our wrist. The master mind of this wrist band is this rectangle electronic chip which is fitted in the front of the band. All we have to do apart from wearing this band is to download a fitbit app on our android or iphone. Register our account on that app and we are all set.

It needs a bluetooth enabled phone. Or we can also connect it through a USB to a laptop which does not have a bluetooth feature. Basically when we wear this wrist band then the mastermind chip records all our activity. The details of which we can see on our bluetooth enabled phone or laptop by pressing a sync button on the app on our phone. No confusion. It is super simple. I took screen shots of my today’s fit bit data. I will share screen shots and explain everything. What all it Tracks? During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. That’s just the brief gist of it. Let me tell it in more details. I will start with the feature that I liked the most.

Fitbit Flex Review


Fitbit Flex Review

1. Monitors sleep and wakes you up with a silent alarm.  The moment I read this feature. I was so excited to track my sleep pattern through the night. It records the time and graph of the periods I was in deep sleep as well as I was wake.

All we have to do is, as soon as we are about to sleep then we have to tap the chip i.e the front of the wrist band a few times till we see some lights on the chip and then do the same thing on waking up to switch off the sleep record mode. And then see the full details of the sleep pattern on the app on the phone. There goes my sleep tracker for last night .

Fitbit Flex Review

I woke up many times in the night to check my sleep pattern :D But I was shocked to realize that I need to get some more sleep. We can also make a sleep log to keep a track on our sleep pattern.

Fitbit Flex Review

2. Tracks steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes. Oh man this is the best feature. Not the calorie part. But the activity tracker. I literally got to know my metabolic rate when I was active (I did ashtanga in the morning and running in the evening) and my metabolic rate when I was sitting and reading or typing in front of my laptop.

Fitbit Flex Review   Fitbit Flex Review   It also has a graph to tell me the time range when I covered the max distance while running in the evening. Fitbit Flex Review The time I was very active and what was my metabolism at that time Fitbit Flex Review

3. Amazing GPS feature. Basically there is a feature to track exercises. I chose running so it took me to a map where my exact position was marked. There is an option to set a target of calories, distance, timing etc along with selecting your choice of playlist. Happy Runner :)

Fitbit Flex Review

4. It has an alarm feature. The alarm peacefully vibrates on the hand and wakes us out of the sleep without irritating us.  I am using it from last 2 days.

5. We can set daily goals of distance covered or calories burned or amount of water and food intake.

6. Yes there is a feature for food and water intake. Where you can enter each and every calorie you intake the whole day. You can set your current and target weight. And the time period in which you want to achieve the target weight. Then accordingly the device will tell you how many calories to input and output in a day.

I am not much of a calorie counting person so I am not going to use that feature. But I will definitely use it to set target to improve my running timing and sleep pattern.

7. The exercise tracker is useful for weight lifters as well as it tracks the intensity of your lifts. I have not tried it so no experience on that. It is available in mostly all countries now.

Do you already use this gadget or any other fitness gadget?

Thanks Nidhi

3 thoughts on “Fitbit Flex Review

  1. Ramya

    Nidhi… This is such a WOW gadget! I am stunned. Especially the sleep pattern feature. I havent come across anything like that ever. And it looks so simple too! A brilliant piece of technology.
    I dont use any fitness gadgets. I just have one runkeeper app on my phone and that’s it. But I wish I could get my hands on this one. It looks simply amazing.
    BTW, I wanna get back to running.. Haven’t run from some time now… I can sprint but my long distance running is more or less crap :P

    1. Nidhi

      Same to same Ramya.. I went to the park for running tiday but ended up sitting and watching the greenry. But tomorrow it is..let’s do it again!:)


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