Fitness Tips for Brides to Be

Fitness Tips for Brides to Be

Hiya everyone,

This post is for all the Brides to Be. I have written on this topic in the past but this time I am finding it more enjoyable as I start to think of my life 4 months back when I was also a bride to be :D . The best part of that phase is enormous amount of pampering and attention that a girl gets. But the not so best part is that there is so much to do in a day.

I use to literally start my day with a checklist in my mind. There was shopping, talking, parlor, packing, friends, family, work etc etc. The most challenging thing while managing all of this was taking care of my diet. Whoever use to go shopping with me use to look forward to eat some crap in the market. I too use to look forward to eat out but only once in a while. Since I was out of home almost daily so I could not afford to eat out daily. Huhh! And the other most challenging thing was catching up on a tight 7 hours sleep. Either phone or family never let me sleep esp since I was in a long distance relationship.

Sharing some Fitness Tips for Brides to Be

1. One day I had to tell Mister that I will be putting my phone on vibration for continuous 7 hours for a tight sleep. For the rest of the time we can stay in touch :D

2. I use to take my small boxes and bottles to the parlor and market. Boxes had raw salads or fruit chats or berries like strawberry etc and bottles had lime and honey water. I use to put 3-4 bottles of honey and lime water in my car before I left home. No honey and lime juice are not any fat burners or do not help with weight loss. But they are amazing for the hydration of the body and skin.

So whatever be it. I always ate or drank, every 2 hours, from the tuck that I carried from home. I took my breakfast and dinner properly if I knew that I won’t be home for lunch.

3. I always gave some time to running or yoga and meditation. Mister got irritated sometime but I never skipped it whatsoever it be. So Hit the Gym not the Snooze Button for atleast 3-5 days a week. Workout in the morning and be free for the day.

Fitness Tips

4. Keep snacks handy. Keep them in your bag, drawer, car, wallet etc. This will save you from snacking on atrocious things like chips or biscuits :P . Keep handful of peanuts, nuts, chaana(Bengal Gram) or Amaranth balls(Chulai ke ladoo), fruits, butter milk, boiled corns, boiled eggs, sandwitches or home made snacks handy with you.

5) Sleep the beauty sleep. No compromise on your sleep is allowed. Sleep like all stress belongs to your relatives who are managing the marriage preparations :P . You just surrender yourself to tight sleep.

6) Stay hydrated. Okay by that I do no mean stay hydrated with a lot of booze :P . Use coconut water, lemon-honey water, bel ka sherbet, green smoothies, watermelon juice or water to keep you hydrated and beautiful.

7) Have your breakfast. Make it a religion (No skipping breakfast).

8) Pack up your Dinner max by 8 PM and relax for the next few hours you are up. No tension, no stress rather feel mushy mushy and go to sleep early . Basically boost the production of relaxing hormones in your body that will help you burn fat better. Also early dinner and early workout will start showing you results within few weeks.

10) Consult your doc and find out if you have any mineral, iron, vitamin
Deficiencies. Ask your doc to suggest a multivitamin or some natural source to take care of those deficiencies. Also eat freshly prepared, homemade nutritious food. Food, when eaten fresh, adds glow to our skin and vigor to our body.

The biggest bummer on a fat loss journey is the lack of vitamins and minerals in our body. Vitamin B(does not have any calorie of its own) but it is the most requisite vitamin for metabolism of carbs, fats and proteins. Lack of vitamin B means no fat burning. Similarly, Calcium of which most of the females are deficient is needed not just for improving bone strength but also, for fat metabolism. Please read my post All about Calcium

Milk, Calcium and Fat

Diet Plan for Brides to be

1) Have a glass of luke warm water after waking up.

2) Eat something fresh like milk, nuts or fruits within 20 minutes of waking up.

3) Eat every 2 hours.

4) Plan your Diet Chart a day before

I am not saying sit with a pen and paper and make a proper chart. But atleast have a clear idea in your mind that I will eat this at this time. So that next day, you can pack and carry things to office/market/parlor accordingly.

For example: Suppose you decide I will have jamuns as one mid meal, green tea, chaana, nuts as other. So next morning, you know that you have to keep your chaana, jamuns, nuts and a sachet of green tea in your purse.

5) Deal with your sugar cravings smartly

Have Dark chocolates and home made sweets. Have them as a single meal in itself and fix the days when you have them. Also eat them mindfully and slowly so that the sugar high stays with you for sometime and you do not end up overindulging.

6) Snacks to carry in your Bag

When you know that due to travelling or unavailability of food you won’t be able to eat ever 2 hours then carry any of these things in your bag. Dates, raisins, dried apricots, nuts, chaana, granola bar, butter milk, home made namkeen, fruits etc

Antioxidants are amazing for skin. Have fruits like strawberries, cherries or jamuns that are rich in antioxidants. Buy a box for yourself and carry them with you and have it as a mid day meal. Can carry Lime and honey drink also for antioxidants :)

A Sample Diet Plan

1) Luke water after you wake up.

2) A fruit(local and seasonal) or a glass of milk, within 20 minutes of getting up (No tea or coffee please)

3) Breakfast Within next 1 hour: Multigrain Parantha, Chilla, poha, upma, idli with chutney, dosa, Vegetable brown bread sandwitch etc(Something freshly cooked and something that you love to eat)

4) Mid morning snack, after 2 hours of Breakfast: raw salads, fruit chaat, a handful of peanuts, chaana, nuts, fox seed nut(makhana) with green tea. or have lime and honey water

5) Lunch after 2 hours of Mid morning snack: Dal, rice, roti, vegetable or dosa/ idli with sambhar and salad.

6) Mid day snack after 2 hours of lunch: A glass of Butter milk, coconut water, lime and honey water.

7) After 1-1:30 hours, when you come back home from office and are really hungry: 1 whole wheat toast with egg white or home made cottage cheese.

8) Dinner max by 8: Brown rice with dal and sabzi. Chapati(multigrain) with daal and sabzi.

By the time you have dinner, you should feel like not eating much since you have had food the whole day so you should prefer to eat light.

9) If you feel really hungry in the night can have milk with elaichi, ginger or turmeric. Whichever you like better or whichever suits your body better.

Keep drinking water through the day. Workout plan tomorrow :)

Feel amazing on your best day.  I hope this helps..

Loads of good wishes


10 thoughts on “Fitness Tips for Brides to Be

  1. Ramya

    Nidhi, such a brilliant post! Even though I have read articles by u on this topic before, this one is just so close to reality and very very practical… Especially the tips on how to carry small snacks to salon.. I have faced that issue myself when I visit for a long time… I also wanna read how u avoided post marriage weight gain that even newly married girl faces (read pampering by relatives with food :P ) .. I mean we already spoke about that but I wanna read it as an article bcoz u put things so well :)

      1. Nidhi

        I am not well from last few days.. I will get back to blogging from tomorrow. Promise :*.. Taking rest..Just going to my classes and sleeping all the other time :) btw rujuta diwekar coming to NY for a open day on 21t sept..I am so excited :D

        1. Ramya

          Super!! I’m sending u an excerpt from her book.. Please ask her my doubts.. First I’ll ask u, I have a feeling u will clear them.. :-) actually I wish u had read that book :-(


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