Fresh fruits, workout, main meal.. All set for the day

Hiya everyone,


So many thanks for your lovely comments on my yesterday’s post. It is 1 PM here. Huhh!! Time difference! I will be able to catch up mostly at this time :( . Anyways, I told you about my story yesterday. I have one more story to tell. That of my partner ;-)

Some years back, he use to be a spoiled kid in America, who use to thrive on junk, multi cuisines, beer and more beer. Not to mention that such a lifestyle became strikingly visible on his tummy :| . But thankfully, one odd day, he realized that I will have to improve my lifestyle. This happened two years back. Consequently, he cut out drinking, joined a gym, started running and started cooking at home.

There is more to the story

In a 2 years time, he has made a tremendous change in the way his body looks and feels. But you know these vices(drinks and foods and make merry) are not that easy to leave behind. Agree? So he never could actually completely leave them behind. Although he never left running. Infact, he loves it so much that he explores a new hiking or biking trail for us, every weekend. That is the way we are doing our honeymoon. We both are loving it actually :P .

Back to his story, after initial lifestyle changes he lost weight but then after a certain time, he reached a plateau and he became a victim of yo yo-ing weight. When we met, he was into gym workouts and was highly fed up with them and wanted to try something new. He was someone who use to measure his weight daily first thing in the morning. I mean imagine, I use to come out of the bathroom rubbing my eyes, to see my husband doing something that I find disgusting! i.e: standing on the weighing machine and telling me it is 3 pounds more from yesterday. May be it is because of the sandwich that I ate yesterday. And then he would ask me what do you say baby :| .. *frown*

Anyways, that’s 1 week past now. No more gym for him. He wakes me up early morning, for running in the park. He does a yoga class in the evening after office. And is willing to try crossfit and mixed martial arts soon *fingers crossed* :| . And we both cook fresh meals together. It hardly takes half an hour. And is such a stress buster too :)

Today morning, when we were returning home after running. He said that imagine my life was so different 2 months back. I use to spend atleast 2 days in the bar and eat out in an ethopian, chinese, thai or european restaurant twice or thrice a week but now I cook fresh food at home. I eat a lot of fruits daily. I do different types of workout and I plan holidays in nature over weekends. He sounded elated.

Though I wonder whether he was actually happy or sad when he said that :P .

Anyways, today we woke up had a glass of luke warm water, had fresh fruits (strawberry, raspberry, blueberries) and then we headed for running. We took a water bottle to the park to stay hydrated while running. After coming back, we had a spoon of fresh raw honey and then we started to get ready for the day. After about 15-20 mins we had our breakfast: Vegetable sandwitch (Olives, tomato, onion, cauliflower) with toasted wheat bread and peanut butter. Peanut butter is a good source of proteins. I use the very basic peanut butter which is chunky and has no additives.




Rest of the day we will keep eating something every 2 hours, something fresh and nutritious  For me that is it for a fit today :) how was your day? :)


45 thoughts on “Fresh fruits, workout, main meal.. All set for the day

  1. Anamika Chauhan

    Heyyy sweety m sooo happy for u…soo glad that u r back…felt sorry for mom nd d hardships u went through..only a brave girl like u cud have come out of all those…many many congratulations for u married life…god bless d couple…:) now m enjoying reading ur articles so inspiring…:-*

  2. Abhishek Allen

    Thank god you started writing again! such breath of fresh air after reading your post. changing lifestyle, eating habits and workouts is not easy and require lotta motivation and dedication. some people are lucky to know inspirational people who motivate others by their writings and thoughts, I guess i am the luckiest to have a wife as my source of inspiration. Always keep looking for your motivation and inspiration and never stop running for it!! :)

  3. Sahiba

    Voh fruits mujhe de do thaakur.. :P
    You freshened up my mind with your description Nidhu… :) You never fail to inspire us.. :)

  4. Ramya

    This was such a cuuuute post. I was going all awwww while reading it. U r so inspiring nidhi :-* and the food u described is making my mouth water. Yummmm. :-D I loooove peanut butter!! I found a really good one with no added sugar and preservatives n I’ve been eating it every other day!

  5. Ankita

    Hi Nidhi…so good to know that you guys are enjoying there :) awesome pics :) n u look so good :) n well done Abhishek.. :) and keep posting…since ur post yesterday, I feel a new energy is back in me… :)

    1. Nidhi

      I too am feeling very yappie Anku.. But these comments are going into moderation again :( I donno why..

  6. Shruti

    Arey yaar this is sooo cute :-) esp the changes you’ve brought in his life! Keep posting, aise hi daily updates hi yaar, I’ve realized you are my motivation to write! In your absence I always thought ki when Nidhi continues to write then I’ll write :P No motivation without you, completely lost that side!! Thanks for writing again :)

  7. Pooja Dubey

    Hey Nidhi ! I am new to this blog ! :) Firstly a very hearty Congratulations on your wedding ! :) :) Wish you an amazing life ahead :)
    I read your articles on your previous blogs and on this blog as well :) U are perfect mentor :) I have mailed you twice and I want you to guide me through my PCOS problem. :)

      1. pooja dubey

        I have been suffering through PCOS Since last 4 years. I weighed 53 kgs back my weight is 64 kgs.. I have resd ur post on pcos and I have all those symptoms described there. I have a very hectic schedule..I leave home morning 7.30 n return by 8.30 at night..hence cant afford to join gym..I really dunnoe what should I do..I read rujuta diwekars “Dont lose ur mind ” and tried to follow a diet plan bt I end up saying “kal se” and ruin it. Iam just clueless

  8. pooja dubey

    Also can I have fruit n milk in morning ?
    I will follow this for a week and let u know the changes :) thanku so much :) thanks thanks a lot :)

  9. pooja dubey

    Currently I am taking homeopathy medicines. Morning I try havin I skip if m late..then on reaching office @9 o 9.15 I have poha o upma o idli. Then lunch @ 1 consists of 2 o 3small chapatis n sabji then @ 4 I have tea o coffee sometimes dahi or sometimes some snacks then at night dinner isnt fixed..I sometimes dont have dinner or sometimes just 1 chPati..sometimes just salads. I am working as a software developer..its not stressfull except for sometimes..n more over I take 2 hrs to travel which makes it hectic. Physical activity is only while I travel to Office.

  10. Nidhi

    Hey Pooja… try this for 1 week… do it even if you feel so sleepy or tired :) ..remember initially it is more of a mental challenge… like you take your work as a challenge… traveling for this long daily is a challenge… take working for your health also as a challenge… so prepare your schedule in the night itself… arrange things before you go to sleep..
    Wake up have warm water, get fresh, eat a fruit, do some stretching and peaceful breathing then start to get ready for office
    After breakfast around 11am eat some water soaked walnuts lunch at 1. For your sweet cravings, have yoghurt with granola or fruits at around 4 PM. be very cautious of the snacks that you eat before leaving the office. It is the most sinny time. Get rigid in the mind, identify your targets and say no to things that should be said no. around 6 identify your cravings.. sugar or salty.. accordingly take something from home.. like make namkeens/ khakara/makhana and peanuts/ chiiwara namkeen etc at home and use it daily.. Dinner early possible

    You will have to control your sugar cravings initially but if your follow proper eating schedule then with time you will be able to overcome them soon.. Milk is the best option late night. To make it tasty add cinnamon or cardammom etc to it..
    You will have to put efforts in cooking things but it is worth it :)

    First make these changes .. stick to it for a week then start with walking around the house for 20-30 mins.. Do not do it as a workout, do it will be a stress buster..

    This much for now.. let me know if you want to know something :) Keep me updated :)

  11. pooja dubey

    Thanks you so much :) also I have read that sprouts are good in pcos so can I have then around at 6pm ..and at dinner 1chapati dal and salads are fine ?

  12. pooja dubey

    Hey Nidhi..its been 3 days since I started the above routine..though I have not been able to follow thw complete thing I missed walnuts @11 for 2 days ..coz I din feel like having anything after breakfast.. also I missed stretching on one day..However I have completely avoided anything deep fried and any of kind of desserts.. :) I am thinking to start green tea ? How about it..n whats the best time to take it ? :)

  13. pooja dubey

    Okk..n ha I am an iron deficient any of the above things wont affect much na?..sorry m troubling u a lot :(

  14. pooja dubey

    Doctor said that u ll get iron from natural not take any supplements ..and heamoglobin is 11

  15. Nidhi

    11 is fine.. No need for supplies.. eat pomegranate and greens and use iron utensils for cooking at home

  16. Pooja Dubey

    :) ok..and doctor is like .. all the problems u coz of ur hormonal if that becomes alright then rest will be sorted ! :)

  17. Pooja Dubey

    hey nidhi ! I dont know whats wrong with me ! After I have lunch I really dont feel like having anythign till night ! nothing ! I am full.. ! and at night i have chapati sabji and sleep :-(

  18. Pooja Dubey

    I have no idea.. ! I dont feel hungry till 5 o 6 then have some fruit or home made snacks and then at night its like no i dont wana have anything !

  19. Pooja Dubey

    Sorry to trouble you again !! :) can you please suggest me some options which i can take from home..or can order at office palce for evening 6 ‘ o clock snacks !


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