What is a Good Protein Diet for Muscle Gain

What is a Good Protein Diet for Muscle Gain

What is a Good Protein Diet for Muscle Gain

This post is to answer Nk Damani’s question:

Would you please write an article on protein diet for muscle gain….I have so many doubts. …
What should be pre and post workout meal…as I do my wotkout in the morning…pre workout meal is (five almond and black berries soaked overnight, two waknuts)
And my post workout meal is my breakfast(poha, upma, boil dal, sprouts) with tea…
Pls guide. ..

I want to talk about proteins first. The most controversial macro nutrient it is. In the fitness industry you hear a lot of purr and rustle on proteins. Loads of protein shakes are sold as fat burners. Some say soy is good, others say whey is good, some others say red meat is the best. Thing is that let us suppose that all of them are good sources of proteins but are we sure that the form of soy, whey or red meat we are consuming is natural or unprocessed? Or is it mixed with some artificial flavors to make it taste better? or is it mixed with some steroids to make it addictive?

Most of all, do we understand our proteins? Do we really need these supplements? How do supplements or no supplements make a difference to our fitness goals?

For a very long time of my life, I thought that weight training does not suit me.

As, every time, I would put my best efforts, only to end up with a phase of major skin break out. Somewhere in my head, I was sure that weight training is awesome. It is my diet that I had to make amends of. So one day, I sat and took a note of what I ate, every time, when, I did weight training in the past. I learnt more about proteins and based on that inferred my eating mistakes in the past.

What is Protein?

Combination of 20 different amino acids make different proteins. Just like combination of 26 different alphabets make different words. Some of these amino acids are IAA (Indispensable amino acids) and others are DAA( Dispensable amino acids ). DAA are produced in our body whereas IAA are to be furnished to our body through our diet. Needless to say that all of these amino acids are required by our body.

These proteins are the building block of our body. Heard this many times before? I will tell you with some examples. The collagen, which provides elasticity to our skin and ligaments is a protein. The keratin, which forms the outer layer of our hair and nail is a protein. The Tryptophan, which is responsible for sound sleep is a protein. The haem(blood) globin(protein) which is responsible for supplying oxygen to the various cells of our body is a protein. The methonine, which is responsible for fat burning is a protein.
So you see proteins are what we are build up of. Hence they are aptly called the building material.

Now why so much love for protein for weight loss?

Fat burning happens when the fat stored in our body is broken down, circulated and used to provide energy. But how does this fat budge? By exercising? Yes. And also with the proper intake of  proteins. Hence the love for proteins…….But you know proteins cannot function unless there is a balanced amount of carbs as well as fats. So fat burning is not just about ‘proteins’.

Who needs proteins?

All of us need to have proteins. We would need a lot of more if we are someone who travel a lot or who exercise regularly. Otherwise there will be rapid ageing. There will be no fat burning. Why? When we workout or we travel or we do any stressful activity then our muscles undergo wear and tear.

They need to be repaired and replenished. Repaired with proteins and replenished with energy (good carbs). for this repairing, they reach out to absorb all the proteins available. And if there is no enough protein available then soon the deficiency of proteins start showing up as skin problems, dark circles, hair loss, frustration, anger, mood swings, nail chipping. Lack of proper proteins also cause problems in conceiving.

This means that we can have loads of proteins?

Actually our body does not store any protein for future use. It deposits extra protein as fats by a process called deamination.

first take way: na zyada, na kam. proteins intake has to be balanced.

How much protein to have?

Ideally it is the number of grams your weight is in kgs i.e 60kg person should have 60 gms of proteins per day. But that is the ideal figure. Protein intake depends a lot on your level of activity, your state of mind, your present state as in pregnant women or some one who has a sever depression or some illness or have simple symptoms of protein deficiencies like dark circles, hair fall, nail chipping needs more proteins that the ideal amount.

How to ensure adequate protein intake?

Well.. I will be honest. I meet so many people, who tell that they eat egg whites, lean meats, protein shakes for their protein intake. All of this sound quite modern-ish to me. The desi way is to go natural.

A non-vegetarian has better sources of proteins available both in quantity as well as quality. There is no doubt to it. But the only problem is with the saturated fat content that goes with the non-veg sources. For that they can chose lean meat, avoiding the skin and the fat part. Chose the lean cut. Fishes esp salmons are a very good option. They are far better than having chicken.

A vegetarian should eat from all the options available to accommodate all of the IAA’s from different sources. pulses, rajma, rice, chole, seeds, nuts, soy, dairy: milk, cottage cheese, curd etc banana, sprouts, chapattis (different grains have different proteins), vegetables etc.

Whey or Soy?

Whey is an excellent source of protein. It is an easily absorb able protein. Infact whey isolate is amazing for people with lactose intolerance. If you are someone who workout regularly, whey is the best thing to have post workout. But the problem is with the type of whey available in the market. I have been a victim of it many times. Whey is simple water left behind on curdling of cottage cheese. God knows why then they sell something as simple as whey with names like ‘performance booster’ or ‘max performance’ or ‘real fat burner’? My best guess is because it is not the natural whey. It has various other things added to it. May be this is the reason I get breakouts every time.

Whey is a natural residue which helps in repairing the body post workout or stressful situations and hence it helps in mobilizing the fat for providing energy for this repairing of the body. I liked the sunwarrior version but it lasted for a small time. So now I have started making cottage cheese at home. I have cottage cheese with an apple or I knead my dough with whey or add whey to my apple or chocolate smoothie…  Until I find my pack of natural whey :)

As far as soya goes, it is good but once I discussed in the past that it increases the level of estrogen in the body. Which may cause certain health problems in the long run. So why take chances. Why depend on soya as the only source of proteins. Eat all good things that I mentioned above. Have soya also once in a while.

A long article.. I will wrap up by saying that just proteins post workout is not going to help. Remember replenish and repair. So have it with some carbs. Add whey to apple/fruit smoothie. Or have a glass of milk with honey or gur. Or have cottage cheese with kishmish/berries. Or the best is to plan your workout before your main meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner).

I will write a separate post on pre and post workout meal.. for now I would say pre-meal.. ideally, it is a good fast carb.. to decide which carb, best is to ask your body what it wants. Craving sugar give fruits, dark chocolates, sugar can juice, milk, nut butter on toast.. etc

Rest I keep sharing about various protein sources and my own pre and post workout meals on the fb page. That may also help :)

Okay, I chup now. Rest in the next post :D

Loads of Love

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12 thoughts on “What is a Good Protein Diet for Muscle Gain

  1. Anju

    Great post Nidhi…your articles are so informative…
    I must admit, before coming across your articles, I had almost thought that I can’t shed around 25 kgs with just a little workout…I had surrendered to the thoughts of undergoing some vlcc weight loss programs or herbalife type diet programs but I so thank myself for not doing so…cuz after reading your articles I now understand that these things would have harmed me in long run rather than any value add…
    Now I ensure that I am eating healthy apart from some of the cheat days…and I try to workout for atleast four hours in a week…it’s been four months n I have been able to shed around 6 -7 kgs…and still working to shed more weight…
    Thanks for being around…:)

  2. NK Damani

    Hi nidhi, first of all thanks a tonne dear….you are really amazing. .From now I would love to say you are a FITIPEDIA (FITNESS WIKIPEDIA) for people like me…..you have all the answers of question related to fitness, diet, etc..etc..
    Nidhi you wrote really very good article you have cleared my all doubts. …
    Once again thank you so much dear….take care stay fit….:-* :-)
    Marry Christmas

    1. Nidhi

      Merry Christmas to you too NK. I feel so happy to help anyone with whatever I know. Please keep asking your questions. They give me an opportunity to learn more :)

  3. Ankita

    Nidhi, very informative :) but I have one question….for working people like me, many times it is not really possible to eat home cooked dal, sprouts, paneer all the time and as u know I workout 6 days a week…I understand they r the best but not possible all the time…would u recommend protein supplement for me? Not the ones sold as fat burners etc..just normal whey isolates…need your opinion :)

    1. Nidhi

      Yes.. workout without post workout meal is no option.. then it is better not to workout.. saying it out of exp. As far as your case you workout for 6 days a week. That too moderate to high intensity so supplement post workout is imp for you. Esp if you cannot get post workout proteins from natural sources. find unprosessed, organic whey.. share with us also.. brown rice protein and hemph protein are also two other good sources of vegetarian protein

      1. Nidhi

        Also even if you have supple… it will be around 30 percent of your requirement so you still need to have proteins grom other sources as well.. like i mentioned in the article

        1. Ankita

          i m trying to eat more of paneer, eggs and sprouts these days…that should help :) Nidhi, but how do I find out whether I m actually meeting my requirements or not?

  4. Ramya

    Nidhi, this post was so useful for me.:-) actually many r not aware if what u said about animal protein, some ppl actually love only the fatty part without knowing about the saturated fat going up. As u know I worry about protein a lot bcoz I had faced hair fall earlier, and my recovery time is actually very slow compared to others. I eat sprouts n nuts as much as possible, incorporating paneer into my diet too. I now have protein supplement only when I have done a more intense workout than usual. I’m actually hunting for organic protein. Sunwarrior seems expensive but if I can’t find anything else I might get that.

    1. Nidhi

      Ramya.. that’s about it :) … i want to do something fun… may be i will practice double unders…you have off from office?


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