Healthy Recipes/ Raw Food Recipes

Healthy Recipes/ Raw Food Recipes

Healthy Recipes/ Raw Food Recipes


I am on a quick, healthy, rawish, cooking spree these days. I was kind of bored with my normal khaana poha, upma etc.. So I thought of trying something different. I start my day early, cook new new things. All of these recipes take hardly 10 mins to get ready and they use colorful, seasonal fruits and vegetables.. How cool is that? :P

1. ABC(apple, beetroot, carrot) 

Healthy Recipes/ Raw Food Recipes



I took the recipe of this smoothie from Deanne’s book Shut up and Train. It is yumm. It has 2 apples, 1 beetroot, 1 carrot and a little bit of ginger for taste.  All winter veggies. Grind all of them together. Add some water, grind again. Also please remove the peel of the apple. This is a real healthy red blast :)


2. Apple, Honey and Cinnamon Smoothie

Apple cinnamon honey


This smoothie is my creation. I designed it based on the goodness of the ingredients used. I got honey from a village in dehradune. It is a pure honey. Then I know that cinnamon is an amazing blood purifier.  And apples are apples :P . An apple a day keeps the doctors away. Loads of fibers. The smoothy was yummy and it smelled great.. Okay I forgot to tell how to make it.. Grind 2 apples, half tbsp honey, half tbsp cinnamon and some water. Smoothie ready!

3. Apricots and figs

figs and apricots


Use it for mid meal sweet cravings. They both are a very good source of iron and magnesium. I made one smoothie also using them. 2 Apples, 1 fig and 1 apricot. Grind with some water and slurp slurp :)

4. Multigrain Flour

 Multigrain Flour


This is not a recipe just that I do not use packet flours. I get raw grains from a local kirana store and get them grounded at a local chakki. Unprocessed flour, filled with fiber. I mixed chana, soya beans, wheat together.

5.  Makahana(Fox nut) Flour chapatti

Makahana(Fox nut) Flour chapatti


Experiment you see. Foxnut is gluten free. It is very good for diabetics. But it cannot be knead like a normal wheat flour. So you will need to add different things to it to knead it. Like once I added mashed potatoes then once I added boiled carrots and other time I added boiled methi. It tastes yumm. I made it like a parantha with home made butter.

6. Fresh Lime Juice

Fresh Lime Juice



Lime is an amazing fruit. It is a storehouse of Vitamin C. And it is not very sweet fruit too. I make lime juice at home. It hardly takes 10 mins to prepare it. Peel the mausambi, grind it for 2-3 secs and then stop. Repeat this 4-5 times. If you grind it at a stretch then the seeds also get grinded and make it taste bitter.  Once you get the pulp. You just have to press sieve it to get the juice :)

7. Paneer, kishmish Balls

panner and kishmish balls


They are my newly found love of life. Every morning, after my workout. I quickly make paneer at home and then add kishmish to it to make these balls. Fresh food=fresh skin and uber metabolism. It has proteins, carbs and calcium. You can add nuts also it :)

8. Apple, nuts and paneer salad


Apple, nuts and paneer salad


This is my today’s creation. I designed it based on the need for a balanced meal which has proteins, cabs, vitamins, minerals and good fats. So I made fresh cheese (natural protein),  I took apples (Fresh carbs), I grated almonds and walnuts(Good fats) and I sprinkled flax seed powder (Again good fats). And all of these together have minerals as well as vitamins. It was a very wholesome meal. Hardly took 10 mins to prepare. The apples were directly out of the refrigerator which gave it a cold touch and flax seed powder gave it a sweet touch. It tasted too good :)

9. Vegetable Soup

veggetable soup


There are so many versions of it available on the internet. All of them mostly use corn starch. I did not want to use it so I came out with this recipe. Grated carrots, beans and muhrooms. Kept them to boil in water. waited for 10-12 mins. After that added black pepper and salt to it. Boiled for another 1 min. That is it. The soup is ready. Warm soups are a healthy option to hot coffees in winters.

What would you like to try from these? Do you  have a similar easy peasy recipe to share? I am off to run now. I will catch up with you in a while :)




19 thoughts on “Healthy Recipes/ Raw Food Recipes

  1. Ramya

    Yummy!!! They look soooo delicious :-) Nidhi I made corn salad n still relishing the taste :-D the smoothies look awesome :-) n haan, paneer can be eaten raw? I had this doubt since a while.

    1. Nidhi

      The best part is that you do not cook at all. But you stepped into the kitchen for the first time to make this salad.. Shows your love for fitness :) )

      1. MANALI

        hi , Nidhi :) , one question , did u make paneer at home by urself or its of amul’s paneer or some else company’s ?
        can i use cottage cheese instead of paneer ?
        waiting for ur reply :)

  2. nidhi

    Hi Nidhi, thnx for sharin… they all look so yummy …
    ll try the ABC nd apple cinnamon smoothie…
    ws just wondering. . Cud we add curd tothis smoothie… :)

  3. tanvi

    Nidhi, thanks for sharing these yummy recipes. I liked them all. Do u make paneer everyday or make once in a while and refrigirate it?

    1. Nidhi

      Shrutii. I am on a spree.. Want to learn so much on simple cooking.. When you come here.. I will get something for you :*

  4. Sahiba

    I will also experiment with smoothies now… My old love smoothies and fresh drinks.. n that paneer ball is tempting everyone here I guess.. :P

    1. Nidhi

      Sahiba.. You use to do a lot of experiments with Juices and smoothies.. Plz start again and share the pics :) )) stay happy always

  5. Shanthi

    Hi girls, please post some ideas on what to carry to office which can be made quickly. I just want to avoid my cafetaria food. Please please please. :)


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