How to include Flax seeds in Your Diet

How to include Flax seeds in Your Diet

Hiya everyone,

How to include Flax seeds in Your Diet

How are you? Today morning, I posted my breakfast pic on fb . It was Methi parantha made in desi ghee, curd with flaxseeds. Indra Setia asked that she can’t take milk or curd due to sinus problem so is there any other way to take flax Seeds? A very good question she asked. I thought of putting this on the blog so that we all can share our own ways of including flax seeds in our diet.

Flax seeds are an amazing source of omega 3 fatty acids. The good fats which help us to burn our fat.  We can either have it as fish oil capsules or as other omega 3 supplements. Anyways we must have flaxseeds or walnuts in our daily diet. Flaxseeds and walnuts are a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Ways to include flaxseeds in your diet.

1. Make a powder of flaxseeds by grinding the flaxseeds and add this powder to your curd

How to include Flax seeds in Your Diet

2. Sprinkle the flax seeds powder on your salads. I once made this apple, cottage cheese, almonds, walnuts and flaxseeds salad

How to include Flax seeds in Your Diet

3. Add flaxseed powder to your flour, at the time you knead the flour. So you can have flax seeds chapattis or paranthas.

4. Add flaxseeds to your dals or vegetable curries. As in sprinkle 1 spoon flaxseed powder from above after the dal or curry gets ready.

5. Have it as it is. Take a spoon or two of flax seeds in your hand and munch it slowly and peacefully.

I generally do flax seeds munching when I drink green tea in the evening. Munching is a good jaw exercise you see :D :D

This was my bit. Please share your ideas as well :) Meanwhile, I write about the things that I learnt from yesterday’s marathons. As always, I am so excited to share all that :D

Cheero and lovessss


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19 thoughts on “How to include Flax seeds in Your Diet

  1. Priya

    Add flaxseed to a smoothie of fruits and soya milk.
    Flaxseed,saunf,ajwain and white till- dry grind and store. Eat after meals as a mouth freshener.

  2. Ramya

    Nice ideas Nidhi!! How did the Apple salad turn out? I rarely have fruit salads, generally I Eat fruits As they are. I wanna try that. Another idea of mine is to add flaxseeds to akki rotti (south Indian dish made of rice flour).

    1. Nidhi

      That salad was yummm Ramya.. The apples were cold so it added a special taste to it.. How do you make anki roti? Plz share the recipe

      1. Ankita

        sorry to butt in….heheheeee…..Nidhi, Ramya does not make roti out of me…. :P (u wrote anki roti….hahahaaaa…. :-D :-D ) Ramya, forgive me plz…plz dont make roti out of me :P :P

        1. Ramya

          Anki Rotti!!!!!! LOL :D :D Nidhi its quite easy its the easiest dish to make in the morning and healthy too, best part is u can add lots of veggies to it. It can be made from ragi also, gives a different flavour but quite yummy too. Its very popular here. I will share the recipe pakka.

    1. Nidhi

      Sakhi you do not workout in the gym? It is good to have a coach atound..and i have shared the videos for most of the exercises.. for the rest always ask me in the comments.. i will always be happy to help :)

  3. sakshi

    thanx aton dearrr… m mother of three year old child cant go to gym having c -section . want to do those weight training exercises n also tel can i do it or nt?? also tel sum lower body work out plan which i can do it at home.. want to lose weight asap…

  4. Anju

    Ditto Nidhi, I love munching flax seeds…they taste so good..:)..but for goodness of all in my family I have powdered them n I add them either in veggies, Curries or while kneading the dough….


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