How to make Guacamole at Home

How to make Guacamole at Home

When we came to New York, a month back then the first thing I expected, we would do was to go to sleep. As we have had a 20 hours long tiring flight. And we were jet lagged too. But Abhishek was soo excited to show me a few places that as soon as we reached our house, we changed into our tracks and we discharged straight on the road. He was right when he said that I will take you to 2 to 3 places before we go anywhere else. And after going to those 2-3 places, you will start loving this city :D . First he took me to a running lane by the East side of Hudson river. I saw so many people running by the river side. Like really seasoned runners with water bottles in their hands. And then he took me to central park, which was again a runner’s paradise. And then he took me to a big organic grocery store. And made me shop to my heart’s content from that place :D . I fell in love with the city. The very first day :D . In the grocery shop, he showed me a green dip, with a strange name. I was minutely offended by his knowledge on multi cuisines and their ingredients :P But you know I am catching up with him now. So instead of feeling offended of his knowledge, I amaze him by making these things at home for both of us :)

So the green dip that he showed me was apparently called guacamole. You can check out the pronunciation HERE. I asked him how do we make this thing at home. He got me the ingredients and told me the recipe and with that we got to know about each other’s obsession for preparing things at home.

Ingredients: Avocadoes, lime juice, salt, Grated onion, cucumber, tomatoes and cilantro (corainder or dhaniya).

It is a mexican dip. They make it a little bland. Or may be we find it a little bland :P So we add a little Indian thingy to it by adding some chunky chaat masala and some roasted cumin powder ;)

How to make it

Peel the skin of the avocado. Scoop out the pulp in a bowl. Add all other ingredients to the bowl. And mash the avocado pulp with the ingredients. There you go. You can set the quantity of lime juice, salt etc as per your own taste.

Where to use it?

Once, I ate at Chipotle, a very famous Mexican food brand. They served red beans and brown rice with guacamole. Chips with guacamole, panini sandwiches with guacamole. And then I once saw this written outside one another Mexican food chain “Keep calm and eat guacamole” :P . So typically, Mexicans eat guacamole and salsa sauce with everything.

How I use it

1) As a spread on my sandwiches.  Boiled egg and guac sandwiches taste yumm.

2) As a dip with freshly cut carrots.

3) As a dip with baked tortillas.

4) As a sauce with red beans and brown rice (rajma chawal)

What is good about it?

1. Guac is a good example of raw food.

2. It is very easy to make. Not at all time consuming.

3. The deeper the color of the food, the more antioxidants it has. yes we heard this about the lycopene rich red tomatoes and carotenoids rich red carrots and greenery rich spinach. The same applies to this green fruit Avocado :) It is rich in antioxidants.

4. It is high in fats but so is olive oil. Don’t we love olive oil eh? :) It has monounsaturated fatty acids, oleic acids, like that of olive oil. Which are good fats. Errr but we never overdo with olive oil similarly we should not overdo with avocados.

The only sad thing is that avocados are not locally grown in India. So we cannot get fresh, local avocados. But we can once in a while, fetch some of them from a super market and make guacamole at home :) .

I will write on bubble tea in the evening. I will go to check out some studios now.

Loads of Love

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13 thoughts on “How to make Guacamole at Home

  1. Ramya

    This sounds great Nidhi! I so wish we had avocados in India… I tried to look if they can be substituted with any other veggie but I dont think it would taste that good. Will try with the ones at the supermarket :)
    I found this recipe while looking for an avocado-free guacamole… I think u might be able to try it (btw, more protein!) but we dont get edamame also in India :(

    1. Mona

      Ramya, you could get edamame in India at supermarkets. If not, buy soybeans, boil it and shell out the beans. That’s edamame

      1. Ramya

        My gym juice centre boy informed me yesterday that the butterfruit milk shake which I used to have as a post workout drink itself is avocado :D I mean I have actually consumed them and didnt know that it was also called that :P

        1. Nidhi

          That’s awesome Ramya :) I am running a little busy these days.. New life.. Will get regular to blogging soon.. weekend par travel and then back to blogging from monday :)

  2. ashwini

    nidhi, I am from Bangalore. I have been a silent admirers of u .. We do get locally grown avacados in India.. in fact my neighbor owns a tree in her backyard

  3. Mili

    I am big of fan of guacamole, it used to be a part of my staple diet when I was in Mauritius, I tried procuring avacados from premium foodoutlets, Organic stores in Delhi etc, but none tasted as nice & creamy as you get in abroad . Indian bred avacados pulp is fairly dry and not easy to blend. any opinions / suggestion where to get creamy ones in Delhi ?

    1. Nidhi

      Guac is awesome Mili :) I am planning to use avocadoes differently for tomorrow’s breakfast.. let us see how it turns oyt :)


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