Life Lessons from Running Half Marathons



Hello Everyone.

How are you doing? I am so excited, I am writing on mindandtummy after over 1 year. Honestly every time I run or have a really fantastic yoga class, I miss this space so much. But then I run too less now. The thing is that life is too fast in this crazy city that we are already running most of the time. Running to catch a train on time then running through a stream of tourists to reach for work on time. Running to reach networking events on time and the list is long.. Running in the heels, running in the dresses… running whatsoever.  So you see this much running through the week has overtime totally marred my enthusiasm for an ‘actual run’. I now look forward to a workout that slows me down- like a yoga class, a dance class, a meditation class or a long easy walk by the river.

However, the old super passionate runner in me, keeps feeling guilty once in a while for not running and hence tries to target at least 1 half marathon in a year. Today’s half marathon was booked just 2 days back-out of such guilty no running moments.

I was totally out of practice for today’s run. So I decided to give it a try with an option that If it does not workout, I will get an uber back home.

I am glad, it worked out just in time to get me a medal. The race and the medal got me philosophical and made me think of so many life lessons that we can learn from running Marathons (any category)

1) It is the strength of the mind that matters more than the strength of the body. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, keep coming back to your breath. Coming back to the breath is coming back to the mind.

2) It is fine to slow down once in a while but keep moving. Do not stop.

3) It is better to compete just with your own self. This gives you the heart to cheer others around you while you are simultaneously trying to meet the same targets.

4) It is a good idea to wear the best shoes :) . After all they take our whole weight (read burden) and carry us everywhere.

5) It is always best to stay hydrated. Be it with water, gatorade or positive thoughts.

6) Yoga is an excellent every day practice for physical as well as mental fitness.

Also let me mention that it is fun to tell people that I ran without any practice but in reality it hurts as it makes your joints more susceptible to cramps. It is better to practice then to get injured. In case of mid race sprains though, take a deep stretch around the joint that hurts. That helps!

I crawled to the finish line and went straight to the indian street for chola bhatura :P


Please stay in touch. I miss everyone. And would love to know how is your fitness journey and life going?

Love Love


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