Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss

Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss

Hi everybody,

Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss

I wish a very happy new year to all of you. It gives me immense pleasure to be amongst you and to be writing again. Last year brought a few ups and downs for me and I was off from writing fitness articles for a long time but guess what- it is New Year. The one that is gone is gone forever. Cheers to this year and I hope to see you guys more often from now.

Anyways, you know, of late, I have been seeing the elders in my family suffering from various illnesses. I have even heard cases of unimaginable diseases which I wasn’t aware of despite being a doctor. Those are like mutant diseases or something. :P No, I do not intend to terrify you but I was just wondering as to why have these cases become so common these days. Why are 70% of the middle age group people suffering with some or the other health problem? If nothing else, each person is seen complaining of pain in one or the other body part. Is it the by-product of the lifestyle we have had at our younger age?
I think yes.

If I start describing the lifestyle; how good or bad it is- I think you’ll have to keep reading this space till night. I hear people asking “Our grandparents were so strong even in their 80s and we are suffering in late 40s or 50s; why is it so?” Well, blame the lifestyle changes today- soda and coffee are the new milk, the immobile couch is the new workplace, night is the new day, 10 a.m. is the new sunrise time, breads are the new home made breakfast, ghee is 30% ghee and the rest 70% is some additive for adulteration, t.v. is the sole recreation means for kids, pizza is the new dinner meal and so on. Cars were once invented to ease transportation but who knew people would use them to be transported even for mere 500mts.

Now when all this has happened and we know that there is no means we can keep ourselves exactly like our ancestors, the least we can do is realising that we need to work a little extra to maintain our health in good form for long. Most of us do not have access to pure cow’s milk, pure cow’s ghee, rice and flour in their pure form, oils is their unprocessed form etc and these are just the basic things I have picked up. The biggest folly to top the list is inactivity; no, INACTIVITY in capitals.

Wake up folks, many of us have back ache, headaches in 20s itself. Please limit the junk food. Working out, strength training, weight training is so so important for us to keep going. You know according to the direction in which world is moving today, we need to work out to keep ourselves just disease free and not for weight loss. Do you want to be bed ridden at 40s? Osteoporosis, back ache, joints pain, hypertension, heart problems, increase in uric acid; these are a few things which are bound to happen with advancing age if not anything else. Now I sure terrified you isn’t it?

Well, if we train ourselves, workout and build a strong body at this age, our later self will thank us for sure. We do not want to scream with pain just after bending down, we do not want to be bed ridden with pains and we sure do not want to be dependent on someone else. No kids, no peers, no relatives will be of any help then. Please get up and get going. It is not just about weight loss, it is about being youthful, be disease free and to be able for whole of our lives.

And here I am sharing a few pics of equipments that I have at my home which I use for workout when I am too lazy to go out. I am planning to buy resistance bands soon. I am confused between Nike resistance band and Reebok resistance tubes; please suggest if you have used any of them.
Take care guys, love you all a lot.

Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss

Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss

Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss

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16 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss

  1. Nidhi

    Sahibaaaaaa.. I am so happy to read your article.. As always witty and convincing. Thanks for sharing the pics of your priced possessions with us :D .. Yooo to fitness and weight training.. And Cheers to your style of writing.. I wrote something about you here

        1. Sahiba

          hehehe… yup.. and the fact that you typed “wired” instead if “weird” says your mind (and heart) is occupied somewhere else.. :P
          Don’t mind, I love pulling legs whenever there is something lovey dovey happening.. ;)

  2. Ankita

    awesome article Sahiba :) and u got so many things…awesome :) I always love reading ur articles….yes more power to working out….I completed my 2nd 5k yesterday… :) :)

    1. Sahiba

      yeah Ankita.. winters are like hibernating phase for me.. I hardly move out of my cave :P So I keep everything at home just so that I do not miss on my workouts.. :)
      Wohooo… We are all into running now.. and as you said.. May the breed grow.. :)

  3. Ramya

    Sahiba is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeee! I had missed ur posts a lot, this one is brilliant as always :) I loved all ur equipment. I am planning to get some basics for a home gym and u gave me new ideas. (a mat, dumbbells, step and medicine ball were on my list so far) Oh! And u SHOULD buy a hoop. I insist :D
    Nidhi, I can imagine ;-) “wired” sleep timings can say a lot of things abt one’s love life :-P

    1. Sahiba

      Thankuuuss Ramya.. Feels great to be back..
      Oh you also share your home gym equipment soon then..
      Yes I am planning to buy a hoop.. Thanks to you.. :) :)
      hehehe Nidhiiii.. :P


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