Does Lime Water and Honey Burn Fat

Does Lime Water and Honey Burn Fat

Anamika asked these very interesting questions: “Hiii nidhi …wanna ask u one thing dear..1) Can I do yoga in periods?..
2. Is it so dat drinking lemon nd honey in cold water makes fat and in hot water makes slim”

Since childhood, I have heard this advice from so many people. I do not know when it started and who started it. Anyways, whoever did, I wonder if they really lost weight by drinking lime water and honey or they ended up with tonsils and sore throat after having it continuously for a few days? :P .

Lime is a simple guy which is rich in vitamin C and lime water is a simple girl which has an alkalizing effect when it gets into our body. They are really simple people you see with no magical properties of fat burning. But guess being rich in vit C and alkalizing in nature is what gave lime water a celebrity status :P .. Okay jokes apart

The truth is that lime water is a good detoxifying drink. It increases the pH of the blood. In simple terms, this increase of pH or decrease of acidity is called detoxification. Read more about it What is detoxification. Do Panchkarma or Intermittent Fasting Work for Weight Loss? And for How long?. In short the more alkaline our inside body conditions are, the more better our system works. And the more toxins leave our body. Wait a minute that does not mean you overdo the dose of lime water for increasing the alkalinity of the blood.

Anyways, Lime water is rich in Vitamin C which is again a good antioxidant and which is also called a healing Vitamin. The primary function of vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is the manufacture of your body’s main protein substance, collagen. Consequently, vitamin C is essential for healthy skin, gums, teeth, bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and blood vessels, and it plays an integral role in wound healing and scar formation.

All of this makes lime water a good detox drink but not a fat burner. fat is more stubborn a deal. A drink cannot budge it. A proper lifestyle is what improves body’s fat burning capacity.

Now the question whether cold or hot lime water is better. Well it does not matter. To each its own. It depends on your constitution. Some people can get cough, cold, tonsils with cold water and some cannot just let hot water inside their mouth. At the end it is not a fat burner so you can chose as per the suitability of your body  and taste as to which version to drink (hot or cold).

As far as honey goes. Honey is basically a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. Honey gets its sweetness from the monosaccharides fructose and glucose, and has approximately the same relative sweetness as that of granulated sugar. So honey is sweet and has calories, just that it is a natural sweetner and it had medicinal properties but only the ones that are procured directly from the beehives. Not the ones we get in packages and boxes in the market. Since, it has high fructose it can go wrong for those with insulin resistance. It can also increase bad cholesterol. So before you start to have it regularly, be informed that it might not suit you.

Take Away Drink it as a drink which is a healthy substitute for soda and sugary drinks. Drink it when you feel high acidity. Or you had eaten something really acidic like junk food, fried, spicy etc or drink it when you are or have come from a very acidic environment like heat or pollution etc.

Not to have it as first thing in the morning. Or least do not expect any fat burning to happen from it although it is good detoxifying drink. It may make you feel good in energy levels like any shikanji would do. And would make you feel a little cleansed and better in skin etc

Thanks for your questions. Keep them coming.

Loads of Love

9 thoughts on “Does Lime Water and Honey Burn Fat

  1. Anamika Chauhan

    Hiii nidhi…first of all a very happy b’day to u…:-* thanks dear for paying heed to my query inspite ur busy schedule…thanks for d article..washed away all d doubts…I thought not to disturb u bt somewhere in my heart was sure I’ll get d answer..thank u soo much..hope to get d rply for other question also…shud do yoga in periods…love u loads..

  2. Ramya

    This lime and honey concoction is right up there with green tea on the top favourite miracle drinks for weight loss :P I love the way u wrote this article! And also…. Belated happy birthday to u Nidhi! :) Love u loads! :) There are some disadvantages to leading an fb-free life, as I found out on ur birthday :P

  3. MANALI Chtrj

    the bet time for me is to have lime water after coning back to home from office , so nice article , u r an apple pie :* :)


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