Losing Last few pounds of Fat – Not Frustration but Meditation is the trick

Hi Everyone,

Losing Last few pounds of Fat

I am on bed rest from last 3 weeks. Eating, sleeping and resting yet feeling fit *touchwood*.  This may be because I am regularly doing a mental workout, called Meditation, which is more powerful than any physical workout.

I am writing after 4 months today but I tried to keep the facebook page active with the pictures of all the crazy things that I keep doing. Actually it is nothing to be proud of, as all of this workout frenzy lend me an injury and hence some realizations. Realizations that our body is as delicate as a bubble of water. Once we exert a lot of pressure on it. It will burst. And these pressures could be any extremes like ‘Workout each day’, ‘run each day’, ‘proteins only’, ‘stress’ to name a few.

I am saying this because I know of people who are always stressed about each and every morsel they put in their mouth or about each day they go without workout. Sometime, I want to tell them that they will look and probably feel better if they put on some weight. But I realize that to them weight gain is the biggest fear of life. Well !! No offence meant, I too had suffered with this phobia once :P

Anyways, before I forget, this post is about how to Lose Last few pounds of Fat or rather last few ‘frustrating’ pounds of weight. And the topic came to my mind when one of my runner friend pinged me last night, really worried about his last few pounds…. There goes a look alike of our conversation.

“I have to run a full marathon in jan in 1 hour 40 mins and to improve my timing I will have to lose atleast 4kgs”, he said.

“Less weight improves the speed, no doubt but it is still more about training then weight loss”, I thought wondering that a marathon is a run. It is not a race then why take away the charm of an endurance race by setting such challenging completion timings? Why not just go and enjoy the run. Anyways, “shutup”, I said to myself thinking that it is good to have goals too.

So there he went, “I am eating eggs, I run and do yoga alternatively. I wake up at 5:45 am. I keep a gap of 3 hours between my dinner and sleep. I do not eat sugary or fried food. Now tell me what else shall I do to lose weight?”

“Relax and take a deep breath”, I thought to myself.

“Do eggs give us energy to run? But sugar does. Eat some sugar. And does a gap of 3 hours between dinner and sleep reenergize our body? But sleep does. So please sleep”, I thought again.

Well these were just my thought. Actually, I told him to meditate and get enough oxygen in his system.

“I do anulom vilom”, he said.

Err those are pranayams not meditation.

So basically now I had to come to point. I asked him to rethink his goal. It is to finish a full in 1 hour 40 minutes. What is he doing about it? Is he focussed on his training? Or is he focussed on fretting more over the weight loss? Does he do inclines, farmers walk, strength training to improve his timing? Or does he rather just rely on his weight loss to improve his timing?

Moral of the story: Work towards your fitness goals. Not towards weight loss. Honestly, weight loss is very very unannounced and random. It may take one year for one person and 1 month for the other. All we could do to keep life fun is to have fitness as your goal rather than weight loss. Eat, sleep, work, workout and make merry :)

Now the other story :D

Meditation is very very powerful. All of this weight gain phobia and anxiety is what it drains away from our system along with so many other benefits. What else it also does is align our energy channels and allow immense flow of energy through our body. Which no workout ever does. Meditation also removes all the stressors from our mind. So we are controlled less by our phobias and more by our energies. It is so amazing that suddenly the sense of reception of all the 5 senses also feels improved. Along with our skin and energy levels.

And then there are these another guys called hormones, whose play in our body largely decides what become of us ( Read fit or not so fit) . Surprisingly these guys are largely driven by our mental health. So you see on connecting the dots that these days we need more mental health clubs than we need physical health clubs.

There is a caveat here. Meditation has its technicalities. To bask in its glory, it should be practiced and learned with patience under an experienced teacher. But for a beginner like you and me. Or shall I say for stressed people like you and me, sitting in vajrasana, sukhaasana or padmaasana, switching off the phone, avoiding the array of thoughts and listening to the silence of the breath starts to give a kind of a meditative pleasure after a while.

Moral of other story

Be moderate and meditate! :)

Please leave any questions in the fb inbox, if you have. I will definitely answer.

And before I end. s, my friend, please don’t kill me for this :D . I love to have our fitness discussions. Your enthusiasm is very very inspiring and I get to learn a lot from you every time. And I appreciate your dedication for you run. You will do super awesome! I am sure!:)

Love and Happiness

7 thoughts on “Losing Last few pounds of Fat – Not Frustration but Meditation is the trick

  1. Nandini

    Nidhi , been reading your posts quietly for a while after joining the fitness bandwagon and they have been really inspiring.
    Me too running an event in a weeks time though not a marathon just 10K .
    Will try meditating and definitely after running the 10K i am almost dead and can’t move for a week :)

    Godspeed recovery & Thanks for all the inspiration!!

    1. Nidhi

      Thanks Nandini. Big big best of luck. Running is such a freedom and meditation is such a blessing :) Enjoy both!

  2. Ramya

    Was so happy to see this post! :) Love ur posts always and this one was no exception. I hope u are ok now. U know, not many people give much thought to mind health as much as body health. I mean we spend so much on gym, running shoes n all but never think about inner peace.
    I always feel sleepy when I try to meditate though :P I must join classes. Err.. Nowadays I feel sleepy all the time, not getting enough sleep :(

  3. Rama

    Nidhi.. a post from u after such a long time..feels good..
    i have never thought about meditation..calming my mind..I should give a try..i m sure my thoughts will wander all around :)
    and this week onwards am going to practice for half marathons..not sure if i can amke..but i will keep trying and practicing.. found a nearby running grp..i hope i will have good company..

  4. shilpa

    Hi Nidhi,
    Wow nice article. we all are missing u n ur article so much . Please write more or any random topic but please write ya…..


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