Milk, Calcium and Fat

Milk, calcium and Fat

This article is in response to a query by Anupama, who is going to get married in 7 months. She wants to lose belly fat. She is someone who does not eat fast or fried food. She wants to know if it is possible to lose belly fat in 7 months and what workout is the best for losing belly fat.

Yes it is quite possible. Tomorrow I will share a post that I wrote about more than a year back on diet and workout out tips for brides. This year more than tips I have experiences to add to that post. Today I prefer to ask you to take care of your nutritional deficiencies prior to starting with any workout or diet plan. Once deficiencies are sorted, everything else will work smoothly :)

let me talk about calcium today.

1) Calcium

Let me start with a question. What comes to your mind, when I ask you the most important sources of dietary calcium?


But doesn’t milk have ‘fats’?

Yes it has. But not as much as the ‘fat free’ mayonnaise or ‘fat free’ butter. I really feel surprised when I see these products. The real mayonnaise is made of oil, egg yolks and seasonings. Similarly butter is a form of fat . How could they be ‘fat free’ :P . I guess what they sell is some kinda imitation of the real mayo and butter. Although even I do not believe in eating high fat foods regularly. But isn’t eating a small amount of the real thing better than eating spoonfuls of the imitation?? *think* *think*

If there is no real good fats (chiknai) in our food then their will be dryness in our skin, hair, eyes and mind too :| ..

So the little fat in the milk is good!! Now that I have convinced you to have the little fat in the milk. Let me get on to calcium

Calcium is of no good to our body unless, it gets absorbed by our bones. If the calcium is not absorbed properly, it will settle in some parts of our body as stones. The sad thing is that calcium does not get absorbed by our body on its own. What helps with calcium absorption are magnesium, Vit D and C. Calcium is rendered useless without any of these in appropriate quantity. This is the reason all the milk packets that we get in the market, scream loud of Vitamin D and C fortification.

Milk is good to have, esp for calcium, but calcium is the milk is absorbed by the body only when there is sufficient Vit D. For Vit D sit in the sun else your milk will make you fat ;-)

Now the next thing is why to even depend on sunlight for Vit D, which helps with calcium absorption. Why not drink a Vit D fortified milk? The synthetic form of Vit D present in the milk is called calciferol. This type of Vit D depletes magnesium from the blood whereas magnesium is so much necessary for calcium absorption. So basically with a Vit D fortified milk, you will end up adding one synthetic vit to your blood at the cost of leaching one natural mineral(magnesium) from your blood? Still want to have ‘fortified’ milk?

Calcium deficiency can lead to low bone strength, poor teeth quality, poor fat metabolism and painful periods, memory loss, muscle spasms, numbness and tingling in the hands, feet, and face, depression, hallucinations. Calcium is also useful for creating enzymes and hormones for fat metabolism and producing energy for your body. Unless there is proper calcium is our body. None of these function will be carried out properly. Hence no fat burning.

How to identify your blood calcium level?

Go for a blood test. Simple!

What are the other sources of Calcium ?

1) Eat Calcium, magnesium and chlorophyll rich foods such as grains, leafy greens and beans.

2) Presoak all the beans and grains. This helps with the phytic acid content which will inhibit absorption of calcium and magnesium.

3) Eat Fermented foods.

4) Sit out in the morning sun for sometime to get your natural dose of Vit D.

5) Exercise!

Can I have Calcium Supplements?

Yes, if you are too deficient of calcium then it is wise to take supplements as suggested by your doc but again make sure that you have Vit D and C and magnesium intake to make this calcium absorbable.

Cyaa tomorrow

Loads of Love

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9 thoughts on “Milk, Calcium and Fat

  1. Ramya

    Lovely post!
    And I especially liked knowing the truth behind the fortified milk.
    I’m a diary lover. I love it in all forms :-P honestly, I see my neighbouring kids who r 13-14 avoiding milk completely to shed their baby fat.. :-( the pressure to look magazine perfect starts at such a tender age na :-(

    1. Nidhi

      Yeaa.. I went to a TRX studio today the coach there told us about a girl who signed up for super intense trx and pilates personal sessions. She ate once or twice in a day and ate only lean meat or cottage cheese or juices. She had to go for some shoot. She was obsessed with skinny thin. One day she passed away on the floor while doing trx as in got unconscious.

      I do not feel pretty when I am not full or hydrated. I feel frustrated and haggard :P


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