My Chat with Deanne. The author of Shut up and Train

My Chat with Deanne. The author of Shut up and Train

Hi all,

My Chat with Deanne. The author of Shut up and Train

After I read deanne’s book shut up and train, I was so excited to have learnt about so many things. I wrote the review of shut up and train HERE. After Deanne read the review, she was so happy that I got to learn something from the book. We both were really excited to talk about the book and to catch up on some personal chit chat.

The first things that I asked her was Deanne where did you learn about these things on fitness?

Before she could answer, it stuck me that right now she is in goa for a yoga and raw food retreat. A few days back, she was in kerela for a course on Ayurveda. Then some days back she was in UK, again for some fitness things I guess. This year she also went to dharamshala to meet The dalai lama. Ohh! in march, she  went to Yoga international festival in Rishikesh. And the rest of the time, she is, dealing with her clients(bollywood starts, athletes, normal people). Or she is spending sometime with doctors, physios etc.

These are the things that I know about.  She is learning from so many sources in the last 20 years.

Well I thought that she is putting in so much love on so myriad fitness sciences. I got the answer to my question. She has earned all of this information over the years.

I curiously asked her about the start of her journey as a fitness coach.

She started as a fitness writer. She went to Australia to do a course in fitness so as to improve her fitness writing. She said, “I had to take care of my kids so fitness writing was the best thing for me”. But soon she got an offer to train Miss India contestants (Larra dutta, Aishwarya rai time). She use to leave her bacha log, with her mom-in-law, for two hours in the morning and then use to spend the rest of the day on fitness writing. Soon she started getting more opportunities and now she has reached a stage where she has written two amazing books. One of which is already a national best seller.

After listening to this I thought to myself that there are no short cuts in life. We need to keep looking forward, following our passion.

We started talking about certain life experiences. She told me about the bit in the book where she has shared a real time conversation of a builder and a psychiatrist. The body builder went out of his wits, and was suffering from so many mood and hormonal imbalances, due to the side effects of steroids that he has been taking to maintain a good looking body. She told me that the use of steroids and unnatural products in so rampant these days. And that she wanted to bring it to the fore that none of these unnatural products are required to build a great body. The natural our food is the fitter we will be. Huhh! I sighed I told her that I too had protein shakes for sometime, only to have a major break out and a bulging tummy.

I asked her if she says completely no to proteins?. She said, “some people have to travel a lot or have a really hectic schedule so they do not get time to fix themselves a meal at home” They can have these replacement meals once in a while”.

Deanne asked me, “did you understand that bit where I mentioned that crunches are not a great exercise to build abs. Rather lots of crunches cause back pain?”.  I said, “I knew this about crunches from before, but I did not know the reason for it. Neither I knew the alternative to it. But now I know both the reason and the alternative. So yes I understood that bit very well :)

She told me that her best part of the book was the food part. She said, ” I want to tell people to eat fermented food for the gut health, to strengthen their internal organs liver, kidney, lungs by eating organic food”. “Ohh well” , I said, ” you have put the food part so well by explaining the real meaning of clean eating”.

She was worried about the bio-mechanics part of the book. In that part she has properly explained the bio mechanics of each and every muscle of the body. And then she has later build up this information on bio mechanics to tell the correct way of exercising. She was worried because she thought that people would like to read those things are not. I told her that I think that yours is an educative book. It is not some lame ‘fitness tips’ type of book so anyone who loves fitness, will instantly pick it up, after reading the new terms. So according to me this book is here to stay.

“Okay”, she said, “N.. enough of good things, tell me the things you do not like about the book”. Well I thought hard and told her few things. She listened to them open heartedly. Guess that is the best part about Deanne that she is very light hearted and she gives importance to all her friends alike. I am so glad to be her friend :)

Then I asked her about spirulina, sea weeds and all that stuff and then we again talked about some personal things. Finally, I asked her if she wants to tell me something more about the book. She said, ” N.. You know I can talk endlessly on this topic. I have loads of information in my brain. Infact, this book got thick so we had to remove so many chapters and so much of information”.

I forgot to ask Deanne one very imp question. How do Ahaan and Alaana react to their mom’s success? Curious to know.

Her next book will be on Ayurveda. Look forward to it now. And hopefully we meet next year :) ) Deanne, we all wish you all the best for this book.

Loads of Love

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27 thoughts on “My Chat with Deanne. The author of Shut up and Train

  1. Shruti,

    I am so getting that book first thing I land in India!! Can’t wait to read it after both your articles. I get super happy reading about real stuff and not 10 tips to lose weight fast :P All scam!!!! If she asks you if people will pick this book up again or not, tell her they better! because most of the literature is misguiding, only a few people like her are our last hope and if people are not picking up her book, they are depriving themselves of something great :P

    Loved reading your conv!!

  2. kawal

    got my copy today its a grt book on fitness but i think i shud read it two three times to understand it better one thing disappointed me first is i wanted to have some workout plans in book but later i understood why there are no plans as she wants us to know that it depends on every individual fitness levels but still i want if there wud be some plans for us …

    1. Nidhi

      Kawal .. I guess that is the best part of the book.. Do not just follow any plan , know what is good for you and then do it.. Btw.. She has workout plans in her first book along with her pics.. She also has a workout video with bipasha..using pics and videos is a good idea as it tell you the form correctly.. I am glad that you got the book on my recommendation.. Parr is it available already?

  3. Ramya

    I WANT THAT BOOK NOW!! Abhi ke abhi!! Is it already available?? And Nidhi, she looks so so gorgeous yaar.. I mean, she’s a total babe, no one can tell that she has 2 kids or that she’s in her forties. Her life shows on her face and body :) :) I am so excited to read this post. I am placing an order right away. Nidhi suggest some other must-read fitness books na. Am anyways placing the order na, might as well order couple more :D

    1. Nidhi

      I don’t know Rama.. It is supposed to be available after 8th.. But kawal got it.. Not many good books yar.. You come to zambhala and learn things real time :) ) btw what was the response from the parental unit? :)

  4. nidhi

    wow shez so experienced and knowledgeable in her field.. will order the book right away..
    Loved reading ur post Nids :)

  5. Sahiba

    She is so inspiring Nidhiii… I mean look at her… What a body at such age.. :) :) Its great that you shared this conversation with us ..

  6. Ankita

    I m sure the book would be a hit amongst all fitness lovers who choose fitness as a lifestyle :) I wish one day u have a career graph like her :) I will come for ur autograph then :P on a serious note, I was thinking of starting with protein supplements but now I m confused…should I have it or not?


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