What is the difference between Organic food, Raw food and Plant Based food


Today I did my first meditation class in New York. My teacher’s name is Alan Finger. The one hour class with him helped me clear my emotional blocks. Emotions that make thighs or belly heavy :P . The class made me cry, vent out and feel light. I also realized that I have not been meditating from long now. And I suddenly started missing that waking up regularly at 5 in the morning, meditating with my teacher and feeling awesome in my skin, mind and body. My skin use to literally glow. And my mind use to stay so much at peace that even though I had thousands of things to do in the day. Yet everything seemed to be running peacefully and slowly . What I mean is that inspite of a lot of hassle, life was easy peasy.

All powers of meditation. Anyways, I somehow convinced myself to try to wake up atleast by 6 am from tomorrow and to sit in silence for sometime. I will also try to stay regular to the meditation class. Let me start somewhere and  see how far it goes.

Have you ever tried meditation in life? How do you find it or  you are yet to try it? Good news for me is that Abhishek is really curious to meditate.

What is the difference between Organic food, Raw food and Plant Based food

Ohh this reminds me that it is his birthday today. And I went shopping alone for the first time (Surprises you see :D ) . Got him a crossfit membership as a gift :D . Some friends and family invited at our place tomorrow. Abhishek proposed to eat out but I thought I can try to do the food thing on my own. So it is going to be my first stand alone party. Let us see how it goes *fingers crossed*. Just for fun, I will share the pics and menu tomorrow. I will try to keep it as healthy and tasty possible :|

Let me come to the topic of the post now. I told you in my previous post that these days, I am after an organic, raw food brand called Organic Avenue. Believe me, they have some amazing juices, plant based foods, raw dishes etc. I literally want to catch hold of their chefs or nutritionists who have designed these yumm things. And may be kiss their hands * Gee*. *jokes apart* :P . I talked with the attendant at the store today. You know before talking with her: ’100 % Organic’ meant ’100 % Healthy’ to me. And ‘healthy’ meant something which has low calories and is nutritious. In short, something which is not ‘fattening’ and can be eaten without much care.

Do you think the same? Well, hi5 :P .

I am glad that I got to discuss the basics of organic, raw and plant based foods with her. Let me try to share the difference between Organic food, Raw food and Plant Based food.

100% Organic

It means that the ingredient used in the food or the basic source of the food has fewer or no pesticides in it. And it is grown/cultivated as naturally as possible. Now how do we tell that a carton of milk is ‘organic’. Simple it is. The cow that gave that milk, bred on the grass or farm that has no pesticides. Woooaah! And I thought that the milk is organic because it is fortified with some minerals and vitamins :P *silly me*

Similarly organic fruits and vegetables means cultivated without using or with fewer pesticides and chemicals as compared to normal cultivation. Now the deal is that if milk is organic that does not mean that it does not have fats in it and we can have as much as we want :P . It still has loads of ‘malai’ in it :) . It is just that this malai does not have any pesticides or chemicals :|

Similarly an organic cookie does not mean that it does not have sugar or butter in it. It has loads of sugar just that the sugar has come from sugarcanes, which were grown organically.. Huhh!

100% Raw

Closer to mommy nature is raw. Unprocessed! Untouched! So we have ‘virgin’ oils. Sugar cane, seeds, coconut, cocoa, dates, greens, vegetables, fruits etc. They are all ‘virgins’.

But once this sugarcane becomes sugar. It is not raw sugar :P . It is either brown sugar or refined sugar. By this logic, honey, agave, stevia, dates are raw sugars.

So when you check the ingredients of any raw recipe then every ingredient should be clear and raw. Anything unidentifiable like may be some _ syrup does not make it raw. And yes as far as healthy thing goes. Raw is definitely far heathy than processed. As in sugar cane juice is healthy but sugar juice is not. Likewise, wheat is healthy but maida (whole purpose flour) is not :P . But still you cannot eat raw chocolate daily because it is ‘raw’ and so it is ‘healthy’  *eyebrows raised*. Got my point? :)

Check the ingredients to decide if it is good time to eat it or not :)

100% Plants

This is simple. ‘Jo ped se tapka, wo plant based food:D’. fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes and seeds. They are raw and plant based.

Amongst all these terms. I have a new term to talk about. What on earth than is 100% Balanced diet?

Not too much sugar, salt and bad fats. I will talk about good and bad fats later. And may be talk in details on balanced diet also later.

I guess too much for today.

Love always
And yeaa Happy Birthday Honey :)

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13 thoughts on “What is the difference between Organic food, Raw food and Plant Based food

  1. Neetu

    gud one nidhi.. :) I was quite skeptical using organic milk for consumption but it seems I am gud to proceed further! I m not into raw yet but certaily wait for ur good fats n bad fats series.. (y)

  2. Ankita

    Informative post as always :) I have never done meditation, always running behind weight loss u see :P lol…but yes I intend to do it sometime.. :) enjoy at the party…I m sure u will bring healthy n yum food to the table..lo a different note…I wish I was a man n I had a wife like u….hahaaaaa…. :D :D zindagi badal jati :) :)

      1. Ankita

        Haan haan I trust u….I will try if I find a good place for sure….as of now I meditate for 8 hrs daily in my bed….sleeping…..lol lol…. :) :)

      1. Ankita

        Hahaaaa…he is grinning but in his heart, he must be thanking his stars n all the good Karam he did in his previous life…heheeeee…. :D

          1. Abhishek Allen

            I agree about the good karma.. and yes living with a fitness enthusiast is life changing in many ways! But it goes other way too, hubby who’s willing to change need a some good karma as well! :)

  3. Ramya

    Superb post! And one expects no less from u :* I never tried meditation. Ok, only one embarrassing time I actually did, waking up at 5 am and I dozed off :| I am so not a morning person :( But that was years ago when I was teen who used to be able to sleep anytime. I want to try it again now that I am older and more mature *preen*
    I am kinda suspicious of organic food in India unless it is from Fabindia or Organic India. And they cost a bomb :( But I do get organic desi ghee from there bcoz I love it.
    Have a greaaaattt time at the party! I am sure the food’s gonna be yummy and healthy (hence guilt free). U r a creative cook. I have to agree with Ankita here… About being a man with a wife like u :-D

    1. Nidhi

      hahah.. meditation takes time yaa.. even I kinda dozed off yest :P Organic is costly no doubt.. I will share the food pics with you :D

  4. Sahiba

    Happy happy bday to jiju.. God bless him.. I have tried meditation Nidhu and I agree it takes you to some superior level of mental wellbeing..
    Would love to see kal ki piccys.. :*


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