Quick to Prepare Healthy Recipes

Hi everyone,

In this post, I am putting together, the recipes, of all the food updates that I keep sharing on the fb page.

Rock Sandwich

Let me start with something that I made today morning. I find it a very quick to make, yumm, filling and healthy breakfast. Abhishek calls it rock sandwich. I am not sure why? :D . Umm! So there we go: rock sandwich.

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

Mix butter milk or raita and suji (semolina) to make a thick batter. To this batter add salt, black pepper, onion, cucumber, tomato. Mix all the ingredients and apply the batter on one side of a wheat or multigrain toast. Now apply a little oil on frying pan and bake both sides of the bread.

I had it with litchi and mint chutney on the side :)

2. Mango Lassi

Well the season of mango dolly is here. We cannot and should not skip this fruit especially not skip it in the name of diet. Seriously can you do that? :P I cannot. Eating this fruit is the need of the summers else the skin and eyes will feel strained. It has Vit A and good carbs you see :) .

Mango lassi is very simple to make. It is made just the way we make mango shake. The only difference is to mix the mango pulp with curd. Basically stir the normal lassi with some mango pulp and you have this refreshing drink :) How much time does it take? Umm.. may be 3 mins :)

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

3. Half fry Toast

This may serve as a breakfast cum good post workout meal. Put whole wheat bread in toaster. Meanwhile, ready a hot frying pan with half a spoon butter or oil on it. Use 1 egg per toast to make a half fry. Can sprinkle some onion, tomato and capsicum from above. Sprinkle some salt, black pepper or chunky chat masala ;-) , whatever you like :) . It take hardly 5 mins to prepare this toast :)

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

4. Roasted Chickpeas

This snack is amazing for those who have salt cravings. Abhishek likes to have something salty for his evening snack. He use to munch on chips earlier. So I was looking for a better salty snacking option for him. Something that I could store in a box so that he can have it whenever he wants. I am yet to make the chiwda, peanut namkeen. So this roasted chickpea thing came quite handy. To prepare it, all you to do is take chickpeas(chola), wash them, rinse them and then roast them. Simple as that :)

You can add some desi ghee or oil to the chickpeas when you roast them. Can add salt later or at the time of roasting. It requires 30-40 minutes of roasting.

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

5. Thandai

I love milk. But I cannot have it bland. Milk with some flavor added to it is the most refreshing snack for me esp when I come back home from outside.  Infact I find it the best post office/pre workout drink. It can make you run 5 miles extra. The way to make my version of thandai is not the way we make typical thandai as that is a very rich drink. What I do is I soak some almonds in water over night. When I have to make thandai I peel the cover of almonds and churn them in a grinder with cardamom and jaggery. When I get a paste of all these things, I just add milk to this paste and churn it again. And the drink is ready. Yumm yumm :)

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

6. Parafait (Shrikhand)

This is a very common health food here in US. Basically this is a no added sugar version of our shrikhand.

Take hung curd, add granola/museli or cereals to it.  We can have it like this or can add some more raw ingredients to it like peeled almonds, other nuts, grated coconuts, sliced fruits etc. Basically no sugar or pulp of any fruit we add to it. This is a really filling breakfast. It has calcium, vitamins, fats, proteins, energy and most of all it has taste :) Try it some time :)

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

7. Fruit Platter

Here comes the best fast food in this world :P . The only effort they need is purchasing them from the market. You have it means just go and grab it :) *fast food*

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

8. Lemonade

You know if somebody asks me what is the best food for my skin. Then I always tell them that it is the Vit C. Vit C is the best anti oxidant,  anti aging and a lot more. A month before my wedding, during my pre bridal, I use to carry 3-4 bottles of lemonades with me to shopping and parlor. The water and salt in the drink kept me hydrated. The lemon in the drink provided me vit C. And the sugar/honey in the drink gave me energy to carry on my work.

Honestly, it is the best drink in this atrocious summers. It also maintains the ph level of the blood. So it is kind of a natural detox drink :) Carry some lemons or a concentrated lemonade in your bag. Whenever you get some cold water,  make your detox drink :)

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

9. Khichadi

I was continuously posting snacks and breakfast ideas on fb  when Ankita asked for some healthy and quick dinner suggestion. In a flash, I had khichadi in my mind :) . Khichadi with hing, zeere ka tadka in desi ghee is the most wholesome food that can ever be. Pickle or chutney and curd on the side makes it the healthiest and yummiest dinner ever. Don’t you agree? :)

On a serious note. I should not tell this quick fix but still telling it in whispers :P . Whenever you feel bloated and want to see some weight loss quickly then have moong dal khichadi for dinner, max by 7-8PM. Eat nothing later. Dinner should be a pack up meal always. Try it for a week and see the difference :)

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

10. Chocolate Balls

This snack is for sugar cravings. In which instead of using sugar, we use dates. It has raw cocoa, dates pulp and grated coconut.

Mix all the three and make balls out of them. See so simple :)

The green drink in the picture is what I got from an organic store. It has so many greens. To me, it was like an absolute green treat. I loved this organic food brand. I was so impressed by their food options that I started discussing, with the sales girl,  each and every item that was available there. I don’t know whether the attendant got impressed or irritated but she gave me booklets from this organic brand, which has information on how to make these things at home. I got so happy that I gave her a hug :| :D . I will share the recipes soon :)

Quick to Prepare Healthy Snacks

This much for today. Please keep sharing your recipes too :)

Also want to share that I have my first meditation class in the evening today and 2 other classes on yoga and ayurveda. I am so looking forward to them and will definitely share my experience here.

For those who grudge that we do not get time to prepare food at home. Think again, is it the time crunch or the laziness that allows you not to prepare things for yourself at home? :)

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20 thoughts on “Quick to Prepare Healthy Recipes

  1. Ankita

    Yum yum options…thanks Nidhi….I m going to try all…but first the rock sandwich….accha by moong dal khichdi u mean mixed with brown rice?

  2. Ranju

    lovely… luv all recep… i will try all…
    MK alo luves rock sandwich… he call is desi pizaaa… :;

  3. Ramya

    Wow!! I loved all options. My cooking is limited to salads and simple meals/snacks.. These are perrrfect for me. U r so creative. Ur meals are all so easy to make. :-* Rock sandwich sounds best. :) Nowadays I have started eating paneer burji as post workout meal.
    Another option is akki rotti which is made with rice flour and veggies, also a quick-to-make breakfast!

  4. Snigdha

    hey Nidhi,
    Not sure you remember me or not but i was your batchmate in NDR45-01 batch – Narayana IIT Academy. Loved all your recipes. And you look stunning in all your pics and the blogs you write are a lot inspiring and motivating. You rock girl!! I never miss any of your blog ever. :)

    1. Nidhi

      Hi Snigdha.. I dp remember you..How are you? Your comment was such a pleasant surprise. Thanks a ton .. please stay in touch :)

  5. Ankita

    Yay I tried the rock sandwich..awesome it was…both of us loved it….thanks Nidhi…I always feel better when u r around…blog par hi sahi…gives me some energy :) :)

    1. Nidhi

      Thanks yaa anku.. It is Abhishek’s b’day on 6th and I am getting mad since morning. I am doing shopping for the first time..Still don’t know where to get the cake from :| .. I am gifting him crossfit membership.. I don’t know how will he react

      1. Neetu

        Hi nidhi.. glad to meet u again.. n congrazz for new iiniings.. :)
        I tried ur khichdi idea n it came out so well now am hopeful for trying other rock sandwiches n this chocolates balls too..
        N happy b’day to ur better half, May I suggest u searching for ur nearest “safeway” traders joe store they r gud for gettingcake .. :) have a nice day dear!!

          1. Neetu

            Hi nidhi.. yes dear I am staying in concord, california. And I was in new york from 22-26 may, I wish i cud visit u if I had known..! pls do visit us if u ever make plans to travel west coast san francisco i wud b happiest to meet u.. :)


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