I Quit Sugar Regime

I Quit Sugar Regime

I Quit Sugar Regime

Hi everyone,

This post is in response to a very interesting question that Lakshmi asked me on my last week’s post. Question- “Have you ever followed “i quit sugar regime”?
It is based on a book. It’s an eight week program and one basically quits food with sugar in them including fruits and bread along with processed food.Some of my friends have been following it. Just wanted to see, what’s your call on it?”

I did some study of the “I Quit Sugar Regime”. It is a 8 week regime developed by an Australian journalist and food writer, Sarah Wilson. The name of the program is framed in such a way that to some it may seem abhorrent to go into the details of the program. As it may seem just like any other ‘fancy’ diet programs whereas, to some it may seem as lucrative as any other weight loss fixes.

Before getting into the details of this plan let us first understand our love and hate relationship with sugar i.e why can we drink tonnes of glasses of water without feeling guilty but not feel the same with a drink as simple as a lemonade? Because it got sugar in it? Actually – A little sugar and mostly water in it?

What is too bad with Sugar?

Carbs also called sugar, are a source of energy like any other food in the world. But there is a difference between how quickly simple sugar, as compared to any other food provides us energy. Let us say we had 2 glass of water and we dipped a spoon of sugar crystals into one and a wheat bread piece into another. You will see sugar crystals dissolve quickly in water-  Quickly breaking its bonds and releasing energy as compared to the bread. Imagine that a similar (Although more technical) kind of situation occurs in the digestive system.

This energy thus created is either used by us immediately as a need for some physical or mental activity or it converts into adipose (fat ) cells and rests in our adipose tissue for later use. If suddenly and frequently there is too much of such energy coming into our body as compared to the relatively low energy demands of our body then most likely, with time, our adipose (fat) tissue will expand!

This does not make sugar bad at all! This just puts in perspective the difference between slow ( complex) and fast (simple) sugars and how to use them. You need instant energy (pre or post workout or after coming from the sun) then have simple sugars. Else, normally strive to maintain a balanced (not too high, not too low) blood sugar level all time.

Now this regime is based on a similar premise. It does not ask you to quit everything that has carbs. Rather, it asks you to eat small portions, which has more complex form of carbs(sugars) like vegetables, grains, breads etc and avoid simple sugars like that present in processes foods, white breads etc. The basic intent of this program is a dietary plan that maintains a stable blood sugar level, which – reduces cravings -increases metabolism and make you on a balanced energy level all time. It encourages you to intake sugar through foods that are more nutritious.

Also to understand any such diet plans, As a rule of thumb, always keep this in mind- If it is a restrictive diet, which you can follow only a certain amount of time in your life then never do it. Always find a way to normalize/alkaline your body in a normal/natural rather than any extreme sense of a way.

Hope this helps. Please keep asking your questions :)


3 thoughts on “I Quit Sugar Regime

  1. Ramya

    Nice post NidhI! I’m so glad you started writing again! :)
    I had a phobia of sugar (I even used to drink coffee without sugar). I remember reading a post by Rujuta Diwekar saying small quantities of sugar are not bad at all. But even now I am scared to add sugar in anything :P But I suppose lemonade after coming in from sun would be very nice :)
    BTW, how are the Kathak classes coming along? I am in my second year now and having a blast! :)

    1. Nidhi

      Thanks Ramya. Anything in moderation is cool. I love kathak. My teacher is too good. We dance with a mixed bunch of ethnicities. Woww! We picked up same dance form ! you have started to perform also no?


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