Road Running in Winter

Road Running in Winter

Hi everyone,

Long time. How are you? I have been keeping very tied up. I was working day and night on my indo western fashion fusion project. Finally I launched it in New York a week back. It is called Red Ghagra . It is basically to support rich Indian handicrafts hidden in the villages of India. Red Ghagra is about global designs with an Indian twist using rich Indian crafts in textiles, jewelry and painting….

It was a lottttt of hard work in the past 4 months but finally the response is so overwhelming. A lot of people from Indian fashion community as well as American fashion community have come forward to support or join the project. And I am realizing one very important thing in life that if you are passionate about something and you want to do something with we should start with it somewhere. May be start something on a very small level. If it clicks you then it will grow! :)

I thought same applies to fitness also. We run 1 km, we get the hang of it. If it clicks us then we get started for lifetime.. Isn’t it?

I want to share my winter road running experience with you. It is frigging cold in NYC these days. The weather is so abrupt that it changes from sunny to windy to flurries in no time. basically it is mostly uncomfortable temperature outside, which becomes so demotivating to leave home for road running. But anyways, both of us, layer ourselves well with warm clothes and leave the house. And come back home happy and glad.

Today, when we went out running, we realized that while running on road, we always explore those hidden spaces in our neighborhood where we would never enter with our car. It is so exciting. It is so unwinding for the mind as well as for the body. Plus the warmth generated in the body is so amazing and this warmth stays with us the whole day. The body feels active and laziness goes off completely.

I am sharing a few pictures from today’s running. We explored amazing places in our neighborhood and felt super relaxed.

Road Running in Winter Road Running in Winter Road Running in Winter

We are planning to run on a different road tomorrow and explore more places in our neighborhood. It is going to be around 0 degree celcius. *kitkitkit* :D .

Do also love winter road running? Please share your experience. Please check out Red Ghagra and share your views on it.

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