Sailing on the Hudson River NYC , Experience


Sailing on the Hudson River NYC

Abhishek and I went for sailing today. One of Abhishek’s acquaintance has been sailing since he was a child. He goes sailing every friday on the hudson river. He invited us to join him on his boat today. We both are a little water sick but still we went. We thought we should give this outdoor activity a try.

Man it was one hell of an experience.

Since there was just the three of us on the boat so we had to maneuver the boat on our own. Abhishek’s friend kept guiding us though.

Initially we drove by the motor till we reached the the middle of the river. The river was on high tide and the wind was strong. So we switched off the motor and set out the sails. There is a lot of technical know how that is required to sail the boat just with the help of air and water currents. Only a seasoned sailor can catch those things. You know like the strength of the winds on both sides of the ear, The direction of the winds etc. Abhishek was busy trying to understand these things. I was just sitting there and turning the cutter in whatever direction I was asked to turn it :| .

It was an awesome getaway. We were in the city yet we were not attached to it. We could see the tall buildings but we could not hear their noise. The only noise or I should say silence I could hear  was that of water. We sailed randomly like this for 1:30 hours. I sat with my feet dipped into the water. Initially, I was feeling a bit scared especially when the tides got really high and the boat started to tilt on one side but I was okay after a while. After 1.5 hours when we decided to go back. We held the boat stationary in the water for sometime, during this time the boys packed up the sails. Then the boat was put on motor again. And we drove back to the point where we started.

The ride was good until the boat was sailing but once it was stopped for packing up the sails, from then my head started spinning. I started to feel water sick. Abhishek started feeling dizzy as well, while doing all sailing work. We somehow reached home, with a realization that sailing is not an easy job. We ate more than we eat usually. We drank a lot of water. We were craving for something sweet due to the dizziness in our heads so we ate a lot of cherries and litchis.

I am still feeling a little water sick. I am not able to lie down and sleep so I thought of writing and sharing this experience with you guys :)

Sharing some pics

Sailing on the Hudson River NYC

Sailing on the Hudson River NYC

Sailing on the Hudson River NYC

Sailing on the Hudson River NYC

Sailing on the Hudson River NYC

Sailing on the Hudson River NYC

I think all of this sickness was just a one time thing. Been there once has helped us remove our mind blocks for sailing. Hope we get to do it again in future. I made some small videos on instagram.


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Sailing on the Hudson River NYC

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  1. mansi

    Hey nidhi, how are you doing??

    Remember me? Finally found u :P Miss missFit so much :( :(

    Lovely post and u looking pretty..


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