Shut up and Train

Shut up and Train

Shut up and Train

Last year when I met Deanne in Goa, she was working on this book. She use to share with me a lot of new things on fitness everyday. I use to think that how exciting will the book be.  So once, I told her that I have read your first book and I want to be the first person to read your second book. She laughed and told me that she will let me know much in advance. A few days back, I received a surprise gift from random house. I opened it excitedly to find out that the gift was my copy of Shut up and Train. The book is available for pre-order and will hit the stands on the 8th of Dec. But Deanne made the book available to me much in advance, as she promised. So I am actually the first person to read it :) )

My respect for Deanne has increased manifold after reading this book. This book has knowledge, that only a person, who is experienced in as well as passionate about fitness can impart. Deanne started her journey in fitness more than a decade back. She says that she was always an active kid and she always loved to follow a healthy lifestyle, which led her to the desire to follow her career in the field of exercise and fitness.

She started as a fitness writer in 1999. And in 2000, she started training Femina Miss India Contestants. From then on she has trained many bollywood celebrities. In the book, she has strongly emphasized on the importance of strength training. Moreover, she was the first one to use weight training for Miss Indian Contestant. Till then they were training using only cardio exercises.

About the book

Shut up and Train

The book needs attentive reading.  I was reading it in gaps for 2 days then yesterday, I switched of  the TV, internet and all other distractions. I sat with the book for 8 hours, and made notes out of it. While reading I felt as if I was skimming from one landscape of fitness to another interconnected landscape of fitness. I got to learn so many new things about my body and my food.

To give you an idea of the topics covered, I am sharing some lines, that I loved, in the book.

On fitness

“Fitness is unfortunately still limited to how we look”

On lifestyle

“Your food is not making you fat; your life is making you eat. Put your life on a Diet”.

“The big secret is that it is not just about training programmes, lifting weights, or cardio exercises. It is about the small changes that you need to make in your life to get that ‘perfect ten’ body”

” All I want to tell you is that this is how life should be organic, fuss free, energy-boosting and fresh”

On Diet

“I make sure that all my meals are simple- from dal-chawal, chicken stews, and salads to simple curries and multigrain rotis. I do not use teflon coated non stick pans. And the water bottles that I use are made of glass, not plastic.”

“Eight years back, I gave up eating red meat and then four years back, I also gave up protein shakes. I did not enjoy the feeling of eating meat or consuming excess protein. Now I am literally off chicken and I mainly eat fish and vegetarian food. I rather have a lot of natural products from hemp proteins to flaxseeds, to almond milk”

“Buy mangoes in the peak of summer. Don’t be greedy and buy the early varieties because they are ripened unnaturally. Have mooli, spinach and methi in the winter months”

“Make dahi, paneer, ghee at home”

“An egg white omelette wrapped in a chappati has more nutrition and fiber than the same slapped between two slices of fake brown bread”

On Toxins

” I also make sure that my cosmetics and fragrances are organic and toxin free. I use simple soaps which are natural products. Most importantly, I love to relax, have fun and be calm even in stressful situations”

” if you wrap a healthy sandwitch in a cling wrap, it gives out chemicals”

On weight loss

” A Healthy gut is crucial to fulfilling your weight loss goals because the gut controls your metabolism and how efficiently you’ll lose weight”

I have not written any line from the exercise section because in the exercise section, I felt all the lines are catch lines. She teaches you about the biomechanics of the body. She tells you how to decide how much weights to lift. She tells you about different exercise programs. And then teaches you how to design a workout program for yourself, based on your level of fitness. She educates you on basic things related to fitness like  what is Target heart rate zone, endurance training, strength training etc. And then helps you find out how you can apply them in your workout schedule.

The injury section is AMAZING. For a person like me, who loves to read on this science of body, the injury section was an informative treat. She has mentioned the reason for every injury, and the solutions to it. She has talked about muscles and joints in such a manner that even some one who is new to these terms, will be able to understand everything.

She has also shared some appalling revelations on the steroids and supplement industry. She has told the truth about our ‘healthy’ brown breads, honey, protein powders etc. Apart from telling the truth behind these products she has also suggested the better alternatives to them, which in my belief is the best part of the book.

There are some interesting talks of ayurveda doshas, malas, and gunas. And answers to some interesting questions like Why does the depressed reach out for carb rich food?. She has also shared so many easy, healthy recipes. I prepared this ABC (apple, beetroot, carrot) smoothie for myself and my mom. The recipe is taken from Shut up and Train.

Shut up and Train


Ohh wellI I forgot to share about the chapter on ageing, in which she asks everyone to get moving so that your older self will thank you. She tells about her mom in law, Chunkey Panday’s mom. Chunkey is Deanne’s bro-in -law. Okay so Deanne’s mom-in-law, wakes up at 4 am for her yoga class and then works the whole day. She is a nutritionist by profession and runs a staff of 50 people. She tells that she was the one who introduced her to the concept of drinking milk mixed with haldi. Even in her 70s her mom-in-law looks and behaves young. How inspiring. Isn’t it? Also Deanne tells about how weight training helped her get this amazing body. She is 44, yet she has an amazing stamina. People younger to her marvel at her stamina and her glowing skin. I completely agree to that. She danced and talked with me as if she was my age only. And she has an amazing skin. I asked her couple of times that I want a skin like yours. She said. “Improve your eating habits, sleeping habits, stay stress free and train hard” :)

Shut up and Train

This book is for everyone: young, old, male, female, body builders, athletes, normal gym goers, moms, dads.. I have made so many notes from it and I will keep referring to them in future.

Note: It is a must read for people who aspire to be in fitness as well as for people who really look for holistic fitness also for people who are fed up of crash diets and fitness fads.

Also, the book has a foreword by SRK and fitness tips from bollywood stars like farhan akhtar, dino morea, bipasa basu, priyanka chopra, lara dutta and arjun rampal. See, I have so much to share but now I rather shut up and train and ask all of you to grab your copy of the book.

The book is available on discount for preorder on Flipakart, Infibeam and uread

When I received the book. I posted the picture of the book on instagram, thanking deanne for the gift. She replied, ” read, learn, apply and then shut up and train ” :) .. I will also say the same to you :)

The book made me think on so many things related to fitness. This is the reason I made notes. I will talk with Deanne today. Excited :) )


20 thoughts on “Shut up and Train

  1. Ramya

    I can’t wait to read this now! :-) I loved her first book. She sounds like such an inspiration Nidhi. Wish I could meet her someday. This sounds like a great book for training n workouts! :-) will preorder it, I’m also looking fwd to reading Body goddess by payal gidwani.

        1. Nidhi

          Just talked with her.. She won’t be there for zambhala.. But we can plan to meet some other time.. Zambhala is the first step :) )

  2. Archana

    Nice review nidhi and thanks for sharing ….i should read her first book ,should see where can i buy this book ,am in canada

    1. Nidhi

      Arcana.. Pre Order it on discount on infibeam.. It will be shipped to you on your Canada address.. Must read such informative book :) )

  3. nidhi

    Hey rockstar.. hav been doin oki… dwn wid regular cough n cold… nw back on track wid workout …
    Hp ur knee is oki… m so happy for ur blog :) )
    Lov n hugs

  4. Ankita

    Ok, now that net is back, I m ordering it right away…. :) deanne looks awesome, her body and her skin speaks about the lifestyle she follows, so much to Learn from her….gosh, I read all the articles but could not comment :P finally…. :)


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