How to stay Hydrated

How to stay Hydrated

How to stay Hydrated

Hi Guys,

I have been meaning to start writing again from long. Here you go. I will write atleast one article every Wednesday. Mostly focussing on the queries :) .

We hear so many stories on the importance of hydration for good health and suggestions on drinking x gallons/liters/glasses of water for maintaining the right hydration level in the body.

Just like any other fitness jargon, I want to believe in this fitness jargon too, but with some clarity on how it works for my body. Let us find out!

First let me redefine hydration for you: “Staying hydrated does not mean drinking ‘specific amount of water/liquid’ in a day. It means having small dregs of water throughout the day so that the body cells stay succulent and refreshed throughout the day”

This means, our water consumption can vary in different seasons-situations etc.

Other stories that we hear are quite precise and mathematical. As in drink 2 glasses before breakfast. 1 post dinner and …

Good news is that there is no maths behind staying hydrated. Rather there is just a feeling to water the cells regularly so that there is no thirst or dryness. Which means no glutting down glasses of water in one go to literally burst the cells and the bladder. *Go Easy Man*

But why do we need to stay hydrated anyways?

We need to stay hydrated for the precise quality of the liquid to flow freely and carry all the waste, nutrients and temperature inconsistencies with it. Stabilizing and mobilizing the system.

But why do we prefer only water for hydration? can’t we do that with just any liquid?
Yes, but fortunately water is calorie free, caffeine free, sugar free. Guess it’s a free resource too. So you see there are no side effects of hydrating ourselves with water. Having said that, we can drink other liquids as well, in moderation, for hydration. Given that they are hydrating and not dehydrating in nature. I guess you know, I am taking about alcohol here ;-)

What temperature of water to drink?

Cold water is fun but as per ayurveda each of us have a certain fire in our belly which is responsible for the digestion our food. Cold water douse that fire. Thus prefer fresh water at room temperature so that by the time it reaches the belly, it has already gotten warm. Or otherwise, if you feel super dried up from the heat and your body asks for cold water/liquid then you can go for it as in that case, our dried up cells will make sure that all the chill from the water is pulled away by the time it reaches the gut.

Keep hydrating with small dregs of water throughout the day, it keeps the cells metabolically active. Keeps you away from bloating or muscle cramps and keeps you more refreshed throughout the day,  with no urgent needs to visit the loo very frequently.


6 thoughts on “How to stay Hydrated

  1. Anju

    Glad to see your post once again Nidhi…:)… And guess what, just few day ago I was remembering your posts on Missfit…:)

    Looking forward to Wednesdays now…

    Great post!!!

  2. Juhi

    Hi nidhi…was wondering where were u.. welcome back dear n indeed a very nice post..we surely live upon a lot of jargon which we need to break…luking forward to more of u

  3. Lakshmi

    Good one nidhi ! Since you said, you will be focusing on queries.
    I have a question for you. Have you ever followed “i quit sugar regime”?
    It is based on a book. It’s an eight week program and one basically quits food with sugar in them including fruits and bread along with processed food.
    Some of my friends have been following it.
    Just wanted to see, what’s your call on it?



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