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Are Nut Milks Healthy to Drink on a Daily Basis

Hey Everyone, Ramya asked this question last time – “What do u think about almond milk? Everywhere I see around me people are drinking almond/cashew milks instead of cow’s milk. I don’t have lactose intolerance and I won’t give up cow’s milk but are nut milks good in general? Aren’t they actually processed food?” If […]

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I Quit Sugar Regime

I Quit Sugar Regime Hi everyone, This post is in response to a very interesting question that Lakshmi asked me on my last week’s post. Question- “Have you ever followed “i quit sugar regime”? It is based on a book. It’s an eight week program and one basically quits food with sugar in them including […]

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How to Train Abdominal Muscles

How to Train Abdominal Muscles I have so many friends who have lost weight but complain of flabby belly. Whenever, I get online on any chat, I get atleast one message for sure saying,  ”Rest is all fine, how do I reduce my tummy?”. Any of my relative, I meet these days also come to […]

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