My today’s Lower Body Workout Routine with Weights And my Pre and Post Meals

Lower Body Workout Plan with Weights

Lower Body Workout Plan with Weights

I got a small, free weights, work station for myself at home. Since it is very cold here in North India so most of the times I lose the motivation to go to the gym. So I thought I should get some free weights. I will slowly pile on more weight plates to it. So I got 2 plates each of 7, 4 and 2 kgs. I did a lower body workout with the 8kgs barbell today. All compound exercises. Sharing the workout here.

I started at 7 pm.

Pre workout meal: I had a glass of warm, haldi milk at lunch time today so was feeling a bit hungry by 7 PM. Had a banana and a chapatti with half a spoon of desi ghee on it. Started 10 mins after eating this.

Warm up

40 jumping jacks
15 squats
20 lunges
40 mountain climbers
5 burpees

50 bicycles

20 secs superman

5 push ups

40 knee highs

20 vertical leg crunches

30 secs plank

40 mountain climbers

I practiced dead lifts, hang clean and press with the rod of the barbell as a warm up. When I was able to pick up both of these exercises then I added weights to my barbell.

Then I did stretching: Sitting Forward folds, mountain pose, bridge, standing back bends, standing side stretch.

Workout @8kgs for all the exercises, all the rounds.

20 squats
20 lunges. 10 each side.
20 deadlifts

20 calf raises. each calf raise followed by its opposite toe raise.

Lower Body Workout Plan with Weights

20 clean and press

Since the weight was less so I added overhead press to the hang and clean.

Since the weight was less so I thought of doing 5 rounds but had to stop after 3 rounds. I would suggest do 5 rounds.

The thought behind this workout plan was to cover all the muscles around knee, hip and ankle joints. I know it is not possible for all of us to know the names of all the leg muscles and then plan a workout. So the simple thing we can do is to think of all the movements that we can do with a particular joint and then plan a workout which covers all the movement around that joint. This will itself cover all the muscles.

For example let us think of the hip joint. It does side movement, forward- backward movement and a sitting movement of the leg. So side kicks, squats, lunges, deadlifts and butterfly for the muscles around the hip joint. You can be more creative and think of various other exercises, covering these movements.

Ohh well, I did side kicks and butterfly as cool down as they were less in intensity to the main WOD.

Cool Down

100 side kicks. 50 each side.

50 flaps of butterfly

Lower Body Workout Plan with Weights

It is good to end with the core. So I did 5 mins of hula hoop. I am catching up with it gradually. Followed by the same stretches as I did after the warm up but for a longer time.

Post workout meal: Brown rice, dal and sabzi.

You know, by the time it is the third round, the squats get really challenging.. just close your eyes, feel your legs muscles working, feel your joints flexing.. This way , mind shifts from the fatigue and one squat after the other happens :) .. Please ask your questions :)

Loads of love

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13 thoughts on “My today’s Lower Body Workout Routine with Weights And my Pre and Post Meals

  1. Anamika Chauhan

    hey nidhi…m soooo happy tht u r back wid such nice articles…:)
    I just wanna hug u nd kiss u for dis…:-D lov u dear…thank u for all d good knowledge that u hav given us…:-*

  2. Ankita

    this was an awesome post…I love all your posts but the posts where you share a routine r my favorites…since I can use them right away :) I am using this routine soon :) I m enjoying doing yoga for 3 days a week apart from the regular workouts the other 3 days. Yoga feels good but unfortunately the intensity is very low which I do not like and the problem is that it is too much for the other people so I cant even request the trainer to increase it :( so I think I will quit it after this month and join something else maybe.. :) btw ur dinner and mine was the same yesterday :)

    1. Nidhi

      Ohh is it? Slow is ok, you find any changes in your body? Explore more of ggn and keep trying something else.. All the places I know are far away from your place :( I will also come for 1 or 2 week as soon as Vijay’s box opens..

      1. Ankita

        my body does not respond that quickly :P I mean I like it, it stretches my body really well but that can be an add on…not a complete workout for a day…I need more than that :) I will keep exploring… :)

    1. Nidhi

      hahah.. You can use that as a workout on some days :)

      Btw.. I am slowly covering all the questions asked in the past. Tomorrow I will write on your back pain request :)

  3. laveena

    i get super excited nidhi when u post workouts .but yeah this time i agree,when i saw warmup,i felt that for me,its a workout on its own. n second thought in my mind was if you could b more explanatory ..
    i will explain it this way,i read a term n i google it ,find a way how to do it in proper posture n then i do it,when i go to next step,m just tired of all this and i end up quitting. thats why i love ur posts coz all links,everythng is on one page. so pls put some more efforts for me kinda ppl and explain simpler stuff like burpees and mountain climbers,and knee i guess i know.. take it as a feedback from a silent follower.. n yup i love u :)

    1. Nidhi

      :) Thanks for your feedback Laveena.. I am glad that you are trying these workouts :) I have updated the videos of the exercises .. love too

      1. laveena

        awesome nidhi, thanku so much dear. i really appreciate the quick response. yup m doing arm workout religiously,twice a week, did lower limb workout today , wil do this one after 2 days. m glad u updated.


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