Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

That girl with a dragon tatto and amazingly muscular arms.. I can never forget. This girl I saw some years back in some dance party. She was wearing a backless dress. All of the muscles around her shoulder joint were separately visible. Each muscle had a lean, shapely definition. I was love stuck. The time was around my cousin’s marriage when I was working hard to define my upper body muscles and abs to flaunt them in a saree. Over time, I did manage to get lean, muscular arms, back and upper chest but it always lasted for some days.

A few days back, a friend of mine, who has started a new venture called PATANG (online saree store) asked me for some workout plans for a saree body. As she asked, I was instantly reminded of that girl with a dragon tattoo. Fortunately, now I can figure out what would have been her upper body workout plan like..

The main upper body joint is the shoulder joint.  A good upper body training  means training all the muscles around both the shoulder joints equally. Check out the diagrams

Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

There are triceps , biceps , anterior, posterior and medial deltoids. There are upper, middle and lower traps, the lats muscles also inserts at the shoulder joint. There is pectoralis, the chest muscles. There is rotator cuff muscles.

So to train the upper body we will have to train all of these muscles. This will keep the shoulder joint strongly located at the right position with each muscle taking its own definition. Check out the clear muscle definition of arm muscles of the girl in this picture.

Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

Here go the exercises. Use atleast 5 kgs dumb bells.  It is more of a isolated exercise plan.

Move from bigger to smaller muscles

Do some warm up and stretching first. Pick up the compound exercises from below to do the warm up. Do them with weights lighter that you use in your main workout.

For all of them Atleast 15 reps, 2 sets. Do 1 quick and one slow. Feel your muscles.

1. Chest/pectoralis: Push ups and Chest Press

Use this in warm up also

2. Pull Over: Lats

3. Upper Traps: Shrugs

4. Lower and Middle Traps: Upright Rowing

In the video barbell is used. You can use dumb bells

5. Medial Deltoids: Lateral Raises

Atleast 15 reps, 2 sets. Do 1 quick and one slow. Feel your muscles.

Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

6. Anterior Deltoids: Front Raises

7.  Bent Over Rear Delt Raises with Dumbbells: Posterior Deltoids:

8. Standing Dumbbell Curls: Biceps

9. Triceps Dumbbell Kick backs

Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

I will start it from Monday. Sunday is my race. Saturday I meet Bipasha basu. I have been selected for bipasha’s running brigade :D :D .

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27 thoughts on “Upper Body Weight Training Exercises

  1. Shruti,

    I couldn’t resist after reading ‘weight’, but umm, in my opinion you shouldn’t do triceps/shoulders before chest, chest press needs shoulders and triceps and if you already fatigue them in the starting, it affects your bench/chest press. From my experience and reading, always start with bigger muscles first and do isolation or smaller muscles wale movements later in the session.

    Just my 2 cents

        1. Ramya

          I agree with shruti too and it’s so bizarre, she took the words from my mouth, I was going to ask the same thing!! :-) Bcoz I find that I need more strength to workout shoulders or chest or even back. I do triceps last.

          1. Nidhi

            Year Ramya.. Not putting my mind into this from long so lost touch, just posted.. Feeling a little guilty now.. Thanks to Shruss for correction.. Ab race practice over tohh kal se running slot goes to lifting … Aaj call aaya tha adhm team se.. Let us see what it turns out to be :) )

      1. Shruti

        Hehe not just experience but I’ve been reading on bodybuilding and weight training for more than a year now, this is like the basic. Its sad ki reebok me they teach you wrong.Hope they revise their curriculum.

          1. Nidhi

            Yaaa actually it was my mistake, reebok also taught the same thing. I just checked my notes. Reebok course is really good. My coaches were awesomest and experienced trainers..:)))

  2. Ankita

    nice article Nidhi :) I like such exercise wale posts :) and u r meeting bipasha basu…..i m starstruck…I m a huge fan of her…I wish I could meet her too :( but so so so happy for u…. :-D but then when r we meeting?

    1. Nidhi

      :D haan ADHM team just called for invitation and this time not because I am ‘missfit’ but because of my race credentials. So I am yappie.. tmrw is a training day. I will come delhi parso. See you parso :) And I am dying to get back to weight training.. Missing it :(

  3. Ramya

    U r meeting bipasha basu!! The girl who made lifting cool for women!! Omgggggg!! U wrote a brilliant article Nidhi but I’m all distracted now. I’m fixated on the last line. Will u have a chat with her n post it here plzzzzzz :-) :-)

  4. Neha Damani

    Thank you so much nidhi. ..dear I dont have words to express my happiness, will start it from kal se pakka….was badly in need of this…..you are too good dear. ..thank you so much for this wonderful article….. :-)
    and all the best….

  5. laveena

    did it in the morning,sort of a starter,cudnot do all the exercises with 4 kg dumbells,will work my way up.awesome nidhi,keep workout posts coming.

  6. martina

    a BIGGGG thank u nidhi for d workout wala post :) after seeing d post i was happy dancing…. :D i will immediately going to start dis workout :) n alll d veryy best for ur race NIDHI…. :) :D

  7. Anju

    Nice post Nidhi…these videos are so helpful…will surely include them in my workout….
    And all the best for your race…:)


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