No Weight Loss After Exercise and Diet

No Weight Loss After Exercise and Diet

Message from Neha Damani:

Hi Nidhi… I have many doubts about protein….I read somewhere that we should take protein proportion to our body weight…how come one can calculate protein in daily diet. I take wheat grass juice(it has all the 17 amino acid of protein) for protein twice in week.. I follow all the rules of healthy eating , I do regular workout which includes (weight training, plyo, cardio, yoga etc) but still stuck on my weight what could be the reason. … pls guide… Thanks is it fine…

After I read Neha’s mail. What stuck me first was that it was I who wrote some months back that ideally protein consumption should be the number of grams your weight is in kgs. i.e 60kg person should have 60 gms of proteins per day. Errrr.. I rushed to grope that article on the website.

The article was What is a Good Protein Diet for Muscle Gain. I guess the question in this article was also asked by same Neha, whose question I will be addressing today. The question was based on protein diet for muscle gain and pre and post workout meals.

I think based on the answer that I gave last time Neha tried to follow the best she could. As, in my previous article, I talked about 22 amino acids that make the full protein profile for our body. She already included wheat grass in her diet which has an amazing amino acid profile. Also, she is working out, having proteins and having post and pre workout meals. But the problem is that yet she is not losing weight. Which is not fair.

May be her guess is that she is not having required amount of protein in her diet. May be this is the reason she asks the way to calculate our daily protein intake. Which is a very valid point too. All superb questions Neha.. Thanks for putting them together :)

Today let’s discuss all of this..:)

Reading Neha’s experience one thing is sure that fat burning is not just about proteins or workout. Fat burning is neither just about eating right. Rather it is about eating what is right for us at that time of life. And eating what is right for us depends on our digestive system and our taste buds. We cannot ask a North Indian to eat dosa every day just because it is healthy. Similarly we cannot ask every sugar patient  to eat bitter gourd (karela) juice daily because it maintains the blood sugar level. Some may hate it or may  suffer from severe BP low after having it.

Similarly eating 4 paranthas daily might not be right for some adult who does not do much of physical or mental activity. As, in the absense of any activity, digesting those 4 paranthas, will become a kind of task for his system and he might end up depositing those paranthas as fat. But once that same person gets active, improves metablism then his body might start demanding as well as happily digesting 4 paranthas or may be more of them daily.

So the quantity and kind of food that is good for us always depends on the ‘stages’ that we are on, in our life. for example a growing child, a pregnant women, a recently operated person, an athlete, a stressed person would require more protein for good. The same amount of protein might make someone else ‘fat’ .

Now Neha’s main question not losing weight inspite of all efforts. Check five things:

1. Stress level. Unless we ease our minds. No weight loss will happen whatsoever. You may like to read What is detoxification. Do Panchkarma or Intermittent Fasting Work for Weight Loss? And for How long? Busyness and Fitness

2. Type of workout. is it too stressful for me How does it make me feel at the end? Tired or energetic? Am I stuck on a same routine from long? Or I need to start challenging myself with something different now?

3. Post and pre workout meals. Am I eating something before and after workout?

4. Is my body clock proper?

5. Is there any vitamin, mineral deficiency in me? or any hormonal imbalance or is omega 3: omega 6 ratio in my diet proportional?

The 5th point is a highly ignored point. No deficiency or imbalance will ever let us feel healthy. So it is good to always interact with our bodies and look for any symptoms. For example sugar cravings, no sleep in the night, laziness in the morning is indicative of B12 deficiency. No weight loss even after efforts may be indicative of the need to take Omega 3 supplements or may be proteins.

Let me now discuss something about proteins and the related fuss.

Does protein help us lose weight?

There is NO protein powder that makes us lose weight or helps you tone up. Protein is not a special fat burner or magic slimming pill. Protein is one of the three macro nutrient: Carbs, fats and proteins. It is a building block of all body tissues. It is a building material for hair, nails, skin, muscles and everything else.

Why have protein such a buzz for weight loss?

A lot of time and energy goes in digesting proteins. Plus protein intake helps in building the muscles. The reason it is recommended to have protein shakes after workout is that post workout our body is already in a calorie burning mode. On the top of that, if we have proteins, which require a lot of energy or calorie for digestion so the calorie burning process is enhanced. But we need carbs, fats, minerals, vitamins also along with proteins to do all of this.

One more thing I want to share about protein shakes, which are consumed in the liquid form. And are very rampantly sold in fitness business. It is that these proteins shakes come in liquid form so they are already in the easy to digest form :P . So no such benefit for consuming protein in shake form. The proteins that take time/energy for digestion are natural sources of proteins like egg white, cottage cheese, dals, fishes, chicken etc

But but but Protein helps in muscle building. Muscles helps to build the metabolic rate of the body and also adds tone to the body.


Should we have Protein Shake

Yes and No! There is a requirement of specific amount of proteins by our body. This requirement is more when we workout. We will have to recognize whether our daily requirement of proteins is fulfilled by our diet or not. You are on a rush and cannot have dals or eggs or sprouts or veggies then have a quick smoothie with proteins. If the daily requirements is not fulfilled, then time to have protein shakes else no need to have it :)

How to recognize you need to increase Protein intake?

1. Feel drained of energy at the end of the day.

2. Skin looks haggard and tired

3. Nails chipping

4. Hair fall

5. Fat loss is there but no muscle building.

6. You do weight training or strength training workouts and want to build strength/muscles.

Any one of the reason above is sufficient enough to say yes to increase protein intakes.

Have them in main meals daily as dals, beans, eggs, fish, green veggies. As post workout meals have them in combination of carbs like hemp in the smoothie, or whey in a glass of milk, wheat grass shot with some fruit etc.

Eat different sources as different sources are rich in different amino acids and hence variety furnishes different amino acids in the body.

Above all eat food for love not just for nutrients. That makes life and food both so complicated. Eat when you are hungry. eat in frequently, eat in small proportions, eat what is needed by the body.. See so much to eat to lose weight .. :)

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Love all



8 thoughts on “No Weight Loss After Exercise and Diet

    1. Nidhi

      Very simple Rupali.. boil milk add some curdling agent like lemon or curd or citric acid to it..stir and boil the milk and it curdles soon..strain the liquid behind and press the paneer under something heavy to remove all the liquid from it…

  1. sakshi

    hiii nidhi.. dis article is for me also… m also on da same stage n nidhi pls also tel me sum tummy tuck exercise which can b done at home.

  2. shilpa

    Hi Nidhi,
    Nice article dear i was actually missing ur articles . All these pre and post workout ( especially post wrk out ) meal drives me crazy :( . I have been working out from past 2 years but i don see any major changes in my body . kind off bored of doing same wrkout at gym and i feeling lik quitting n joining sme other gym .


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