Workout Plan with Pre and Post Workout Meals

Workout Plan with Pre and Post Workout Meals

Hiya everyone,


How are you enjoying the weather? I love winters. The main reason for this love is that running outdoors in winters does not give tanning :D . I hate to wear sweaters and topas (caps). I stay in my shorts or normal lowers and half sleeves all through the winters until it gets chilling cold :D . But I eat warm foods a lot. Foods like apricots, gurh, some of nuts (I have nut allergy unfortunately, so cannot have much of them), revri-gajjak, soups, herbal teas etc. Winter sun is amazing . No tanning, loads of Vit D and warmth. What a deal :D . I was feeling lazy since morning ate gazzak and revri for warmth as a post workout meal and kicked off my blanket to do the following WOD

50 rounds suryanamaskars

10 mins hula hoop

50 rounds suryanamaskars

10 mins double unders practice

Pranayams and om chating

After every 10 rounds of suryanamaskars, I did a strengthening asana/pose in this order.

1. Vrikshasana


2. Rajkapotaasana


3. Side Plank


4. Side bending” Katichakraasana


5. Hula Hoop: Had been trying it from long, had almost given up on my body to learn it but it happened today. It is so much fun. Got to practice it more. Please get one hula hoop. It is an amazing workout gear.

6. Shoulder stand: Sarvanaasana


7. Boat Pose: Naukasana


8. Forward fold: Paschimottanaasana


9. Shoulder Bridge: Setu bandhaasana


10. Double unders: Been practicing it from yesterday. I do it barefoot. I am not able to do double unders yet but my speed and technique of skipping has improved. I feel it is a very good workout for the core.
The best technique to skip is to roll from the wrist. And to keep the abs braced with shoulder blades rolled down towards each other.

I had 5 apricots and loads of water post workout, will have proper dinner in half an hour.

I wish we all enter the new year in the best of our health.. :)

Loads of Love

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26 thoughts on “Workout Plan with Pre and Post Workout Meals

  1. Shruti

    This is really good, those asanas look so good in pictures na? It’s sad you cannot eat nuts! :( hope you enjoyed your workout. I have to go and practice hula hoop too.

    I am all the time cold, I wear a sweater all the time :P I like being all covered and bundled :D

  2. Neha Damani

    Hi nidhi as always my pre workout meal was (5soaked almonds, black berries, and two walnuts. .)
    And my WOD was:
    Body meltdown exercises. ..

    80 swing,40 squats, 20 push up
    1min running
    40 swing,20 squat, 10 push up
    1 min jumping jack
    20 swing,10 squats,5 push up
    1 min jumping rope
    40 swing,20 squats, 10 push up
    1 min mountain climber’s
    80 swing,40 squats, 20 push ups….
    Cool down and stretching … And my post workout meal was (breakfast )2 idli and tea…. (chai is must for me) :-(

        1. Nidhi

          Woww you have a kettle bell at home? You learnt swings from someone.. sounds so interesting.. i will also try your workout..will replace swings with some other compound exercise

          1. Neha Damani

            Yes dear you must try this…..and I bet you’ll love it. .
            And yes I have few fitness equipments. …I can say a very small gym…

  3. Sahiba

    I am also all layered up yaa… It is soooo cold my god.. My face looks like a snow ball- white and red. :P But workout ka apna hi maza hai winters mein I think.. Nidhu I again forgot to click pictures today.. Tomorrow definitely I am gonna send you my home equipment piccys.. :)

  4. Ankita

    your plan was awesome Nidhi…unfortunately I m quitting my power yoga class….I m not enjoying it at all….the whole workout is like something I would do for a warm up…. :( as it is, I m pressed for time….so I will just go to the gym all 6 days till i find something better…i m going to check out celebrity fitness n see how that is…keep sharing more such routines :)

    1. Nidhi

      Ohh is it? Check celeb fitness.. guess avani use to go there.. it has all classes too..i think those big corporate buildings arounfd your place might also have good gyms

        1. Mili

          Ankita – Try could fitness first in gurgaon, if you are looking for a place in delhi. They have nice classes. Yoga by Shubra is quite innovative and challenging. Weight training by Manish & Aditya. You could take a a free trial class / or have a member get you a weekend pass.

          Nidhi – Any thoughts around yoga done with mild weights, like doing suyranamaskar with 1-2.5kg plates in your hands. Is it good / bad ?

  5. Ramya

    Nidhi awesome workout!!! And yayyy isn’t the hoop the best?? I am finding it so difficult to stretch properly for asanas these days bcoz of cold, as it is in hot weather also I need so long to warm up :-| I’ll try this workout tomorrow pakka. I wanted to ask u about side bends with weights. I do them sometimes with other stuff but yesterday I read somewhere that they thicken the waist :-| is that true? I always felt that it was a myth but this article was by a renowned fitness person.

    1. Nidhi

      Is it cold in bangalore ? I dont think so it should … do it as a yoga asana no..i will erite on happens on the level of muscles… let us dissect it.. thanks for the question :-)

  6. Tara

    Nice workout plan Nidhi. Though due to cold I hardly manage to do 30 mins in total these days that too indoors…. :(
    Today I did 10 Suryanamaskars (6 slow, 4 fast), 40 Crunches, 10 side bends, naukasana, pawanmuktasana and pranayam (Kapal bhati, alom-vilom and mahaprandhwani).

    1. Nidhi

      Good good Tara.. It is sooo cold these days.. Guess a month more of this painful cold :) But running ourdoors in winters is amazing.. I went for it day before yesterday and totally loved it :)

  7. shilpa

    Nidhi, Can you please give some options for post workout meal so that i can munch on the way to office ? i usually have to rush back office once i am done with my workout and usually ending up having breakfast at 9:30 am :( :( :(
    5:20 – wake up and have a fruit
    5:40 – 7:00 : gym


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