Workout Plan Videos ( Weights for Arms and Upper Body). Pre and Post Workout Meals

Workout Plan Videos. Pre and Post Workout Meals


Workout Plan Videos. Pre and Post Workout Meals

I am a happy bunny this week. All 7 days of workout with only one meal eaten out. I can feel the results in my body but still a lot of hard work to put in. Today, I instructed myself to take a break from workout but workout has become kind of a necessity for me. I feel happy to stay in the grove :D . Once I take a break, it becomes really difficult for me to convince myself to get back.

Today I worked out using two videos back to back.

1. Yoga Videos for hip openers and arm strength.

2. The Gun show Video (Errr! This is what the video people named it :D )

1. The yoga vinyasa flow video

It is a 45 mins video which has various hip opener and arm strengthening asanas that are done in a vinyasa flow. The flow lends continuity to the practice. And the asanas are taught with proper techniques, which kinda helps to perform the asana better. I tried few other videos of this account. I found them also too good. It is very good for people who have been practicing yoga for sometime and want to try something advanced now. After trying them continuously from last few days. I can literally feel some new muscles in my legs :D . Try this and some other videos of this account sometime :) . I will also keep sharing the link of those that I try and like. Here it goes.

2. Upper body Weight Training

In the morning, I was basically thinking of doing some intense compound exercise like push ups on the toes. Randomly stumbled upon this video. It is a 9 something minutes video. It has variations of push ups (toes, diamond, plank walk etc). In between the push ups. It covers other upper body exercises like lateral raise, front raises, kick backs, flyes, overhead and chest press. So you will have to keep your dumb bells and barbells ready. There is a portion where stability ball is used for chest press and reverse. As I do not have a stability ball with me so I used a low lying table at my home.

So 9 mins of grind. Not very exhausting so you can as well go through the video once, write down the order of the exercise and do 3-4 rounds of it with pre-decided time or reps for each exercise.

There is goes.

After getting done with this workout in the morning, I am reading a book and watching movies alternatively and will be going for a dance party in the night. Sunday sunday :) )

Ohh well I forgot to tell about the meals. Pre- Poha at 8 in the morning. Workout after 90 mins. Post- Lunch daal, sabzi, 2 chapattis and curd with flaxseeds.

Bahut din hue.. Please share no.. how is workout-food and everything else going? :) )

Loads of love

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5 thoughts on “Workout Plan Videos ( Weights for Arms and Upper Body). Pre and Post Workout Meals

  1. Sahiba

    My workout today was somewhat similar to what you did 1 or 2 days back Nidhi.. jogging instead of running for half an hour.. and then lunges squats and some stretching exercises.. Loving the weather these days.. chilling but not freezing.. Just as I like it.. :)
    How about you? What are you liking these days? ;) ;) ;)

  2. Sonu Walia

    Nidhi you are adorable and all your post inspire deeply…..I was a big fan of missfit and here also love it, I have been a silent reader never posted a comment……you have motivated me a lot.
    Thank you….:))))))
    Nidhi please write a post on how to get rid of double chin…and how to slim down waist:)

    Warmest regards


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